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Golden Arches on the horizon for Eastown Plaza

It's been a long time coming, but a spokesperson for the McDonald's Corp. has confirmed the fast-food chain will indeed open a second location in Batavia on East Main Street.

A developer received the necessary permits and approvals months ago, but then -- nothing. Even city officials didn't know if the project was still going through.

“Construction should begin this summer and Batavians can look forward to a brand new McDonald’s restaurant before the end of the year,” Vice President of Public Relations Kerry B. Ford said.

The project developer, TY Lin International, obtained a lease from the property owner, Eastown Plaza Associates, in November 2012 and according to City Manager Jason Molino, a building permit was issued last September.

“Permits are good for one year, but may be extended or a new permit could be applied for after expiration,” Molino said.

In response to questions about delays, Ford cited the magnitude of the project.

“As you can imagine, a project of this scale requires a great deal of careful planning and that planning takes time,” Ford said. “McDonald's is thrilled to raise a new set of Golden Arches in Batavia.”

According to the February 2013 application to the city’s Planning and Development Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals, Ty Lin International proposed constructing a 3,911-square-foot site in the current parking lot of Eastown Plaza. The project area is about .78 acres and is zoned for commercial use. The site would include two drive-thru lanes and raised islands, a shed, a dumpster, along with asphalt parking, landscaping, lighting and signage.

Elizabeth Downie
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Joined: Nov 10 2009

So, after issues with connecting with their younger audience, a lower-than-expected first quarter earnings and a negative response to the revamp and relaunch of their mascot, Ronald McDonald, they are expanding? Maybe that is why they were slow to get on their feet for this project.

Honestly, I'd rather see a Ted's Hot Dogs (!!!), Mighty Taco, Olive Garden or Manhattan Bagel come to Batavia instead another McDonald's.

George Richardson
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Joined: Jun 6 2012

Souper! Salad!
Pretty damn good. Have I ever been there?
Do I still go there?
Hell no, I almost never go anywhere. Hassles, hassles, hassles, screw that and all that traffic and get off of my lawn. Thank God for back yards and delivery from justice against all weasels. Amen.

George Richardson
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Joined: Jun 6 2012

I could use some nachos and a corn dog right now.

Chris Vallett
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Joined: Apr 18 2010

yes Hot dogs! Anything but another MCD's

George Richardson
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Joined: Jun 6 2012

I would rather go to a restaurant with a full bar for just about anything I eat but I can cook a pretty damn good Hot Dog and save myself twenty bucks or more depending on whether it is Happy Hour or not. Hot Dogs are good, tasting.
But so is a double cheeseburger for $1.25.

Bea McManis
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Joined: May 4 2009

Quite possibly it is the beginning of the revitalization of that end of the city. You want the other franchises to follow, show them there is a reason. Bad mouthing one only tells other speculators that the citizens are not open to anything new. .

mark jackett
Joined: Apr 13 2009


John Roach
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Joined: May 29 2008

Bea is right, and there will be others. The economic impact of the Yogurt plants is just starting. And there is the housing development out on Main Street and Seven Springs . Entrepreneurs will start looking to open this type of business.

Mary E DelPlato
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Joined: Jul 29 2008

oh wow! really?????God forbid ya gotta drive waaayyyyyyyyy ove the other side of the town ...anyway agree the east side oughta be built up but with something worthwhile

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