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Photos: Sheriff's staff programming 520 new portable radios for firefighters

County personnel are in the midst of programming new Harris XG 25P radios for the new emergency communication system that is expected to begin operating by Feb. 12.

Each radio must be plugged into a computer and programmed to the proper frequencies. The programming takes seconds, the paperwork that goes with each radio takes a bit longer, said Keith Hunt.

Each radio is assigned its own IP address which must be documented. (An IP address is a numerical code used in Internet communications to identify computers on the network. The computer you're using now to read this story has an IP address.)

Russ Lang said there are 520 portable radios in this room, all of them earmarked for volunteer firefighters.

The county has already completed the installation of new radios in fire trucks and chiefs' vehicles -- 300 in all.

The countywide emergency communications upgrade is a more than $10 million expense, paid for largely by federal grants. It's part of a Homeland Security plan to have all communication systems in all counties on an interoperable emergency system.

The new system -- except for outgoing fire dispatch calls -- will be incompatible with any current scanners private citizens own. Uniden is releasing a new scanner this week that will be compatible with the new system. Locally, it can be purchased from G&G Communications in Le Roy.

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I would keep that room securely locked and under close surveillance. After looking at those pictures, every would be petty thief and burgler is licking his chops.

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