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Photo Sale: Past three years of photos, ridiculously low prices, won't be available after Jan. 31

For the past three years, we've offered photos for sale through one particular site and a couple of months ago, we started selling photos through my photography site, howardowensphotography.com.

That is working pretty well, so I'm retiring the old photo sales site (so I no longer have to pay the hosting bill).

It would be a monumental task to transfer three years worth of photos from one site to another. So to ensure everybody who still might like to buy photos from the past three years a chance to buy those photos, I've drastically reduced their prices.

Click here to buy photos from the old site at ridiculously low prices. These photos will NOT be available for purchase after Jan. 31.

Of particular interest might shots from this past football season:

There are also:

And again, click here, to access the home page for all of the event albums from the past three years.

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