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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 11:33 am

Sponsored Post: Paid summer internships offered by NYPA Foundation!

The NYPA Foundation offers paid internships to 20 qualified college students, providing them an opportunity to hone their skill sets in preparation for a career in community journalism.
Newspaper ads promoting the program and the application for students are on NYPA’s website (nynewspapers.com).  The program works like this:
Newspapers interested in hiring an intern for an eight week summer program run the promotion ads in their newspapers and on your websites – the best time to run the ads is when the students are at home for Thanksgiving or Christmas break.
The students fill out the application and apply DIRECTLY TO THE NEWSPAPER.  The newspaper interviews choice candidates, selects the candidate of their choice and forwards that application to NYPA.
NYPA conducts a random drawing among all applicants and selects 20 interns.   NYPA notifies the newspapers and the newspapers arrange the summer schedule directly with the intern.
The papers tell NYPA when the intern is going to start, and NYPA PAYS THE INTERNS A NET STIPEND OF $2500.  The newspaper pays nothing (unless you want to keep the intern a little longer).
The deadline for forwarding applications to NYPA is March 1, 2015. 
Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Sponsored Post: Don't miss the Wonderland of Trees Gala Event on November 21!

Don't miss the 13th Annual Wonderland Of Trees Gala at the Holland Land Office on Friday November 21st from 7 pm-10 pm.
Thank you to the 2014 Gala Sponsors:
D&R Depot Restaurant
Double L Rentals
Reed Eye Associates
Wanted Good Quality Antiques
Edward Jones
Stan's Harley Davidson
Galaxie 3 Inc.
Marchese Computer Products Inc.
The Batavian
T-Shirts Etc.
Sterling Tents & Awnings Inc.


Friday, November 14, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Sponsored Post: Professional, reliable snow & ice removal services in Batavia, NY!

The Grasshopper Lawn Care and Snow Removal is now accepting residential and commercial snow removal customers for the 2014-2015 winter season. We are a 24/7 snow removal company plowing at 3 inches, to make sure you are never late for work or appointments. No need to break the bank, since we accept both seasonal and monthly contracts. Call/text us today for a free estimate. Get a 10% discount for all seasonal contracts signed.
“Winter is just around the corner, Don’t Get Caught Buried In The Snow!!!!!”
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Sponsored Post: Lewis & Lewis - The injured worker's law firm!

Lewis & Lewis has transformed from a solo practice 70 years ago into one of Western New York’s largest combined workers’ compensation and personal injury firms. Lewis & Lewis’s transformation has been an exciting journey that has included the expansion to five offices, with 15 skilled attorneys who are passionate about putting their clients’ needs and rights at the forefront. For more information visit www.lewislaw.com.

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