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Calves and farm equipment stolen in Le Roy area

A case of calf rustling has hit Le Roy and Western Monroe County.

A farmer is out 14 black and white bull calves along with a Dewalt generator, Dewalt saw, and Napa battery charger. A nearby farm is also missing a milk replacer and hay.

Sheriff's Office investigators suspect the thefts are related and that the people responsible for the calf thefts are raising the animals but not bringing them to auction.

The thefts occurred within the last week or so and a witness describes one of the suspects as a larger white male with either a bald head or very short hair and another suspect as a white female.

The suspect vehicle is a dark-colored minivan, possibly burgundy, with tinted windows.

Anyone with information are asked to contact Investigator Timothy Weis at (585) 345-3000, ext. 3572.

Tim Miller
TMiller's picture
Joined: Jun 20 2010

Have they checked into the possibility that the serial-killer chicken-killing dog is at it again, but is being much better at hiding the evidence?

Jack Dorf
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Joined: Apr 12 2010

14 calves. Vehicle was a mini van. How any trips did they make back and forth to the crime scene? Lol

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