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Fully involved tractor-trailer fire on Thruway

A fully involved tractor-trailer fire has been reported on the New York State Thruway near mile post marker 396.1 eastbound.

East Pembroke has called for help from Pembroke, Indian Falls, Oakfield and the Town of Batavia fire departments.

The driver is not sure what he is hauling.

UPDATE 10:02 p.m.: All mutual aid companies told to stand down. Fire is out. Corfu filling in for East Pembroke.

UPDATE 10:07 p.m.: Corfu can also go back into service along with all other mutual aid departments.

UPDATE 10:22 p.m.: State Police are on scene. Tractor-trailer driver is going to try and have the truck towed to Batavia.

William Millen
icetross911's picture
Joined: Aug 10 2009

Please, someone explain to me how a driver of a truck does not know what he is hauling?

Kyle Couchman
Kyle C's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009

Doug was a driver so he might know more but when I lived in syracuse I would help a driver friend unload @ the p n c wearhouse. We never knew what we were picking up until we unloaded. I was told it was a theft preventative measure.

Jason Post
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Joined: Aug 10 2012

My wife does accounting for a few trucking companies, and she's seen that happen. With high value cargo drivers are sometimes not told what they are moving until they deliver it. Example: Red Bull. To avoid having it stolen, almost nobody, including the person driving the truck, knows it is on the truck.

Daniel Neal
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Joined: Mar 28 2010

My Father drove truck from before I was born (1986) until the year before he moved back to West Virginia (2002) plus he drove down there (2002-2005, 2010-now) and when he was driving OTR there were a few times he was not given a manifest or a key to the locks on the doors , the first time was when he was hauling a load of scratch off tickets (about $70 million worth of winners) , another time was when he hauled one of the first loads of Smirnoff Kegs. Like Jason said , if it is a high value load they do not tell the driver , they just give the driver a pick up location and a delivery point.

Kyle Couchman
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Joined: Dec 25 2009

There ya go William.....guess that answers your question.

Teresa Spink
auntt81's picture
Joined: Dec 4 2008

I'm a OTR driver too... Once you get a high value cargo you have to roll for 200 miles before u can even stop...the company that you drive for will tell you before you get there if it is a High Value Cargo that way you can stop and get what you need before you get there.... Most of the time that don't tell ya..

Raymond Richardson
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Joined: Aug 18 2012

I was a driver for many years, and you can't always go by what's on the shipping manifest and BOL, especially if you're hauling a load going to a government facility.

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