en Suspect in baby death case reportedly attempts suicide in jail <table align="right" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td> <img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/mug_jeffreydeats_2014.jpg" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <em>Jeffrey Deats</em></td> </tr> </table> <p>Jeffrey L. Deats, the 28-year-old Batavia resident held on a manslaughter charge in the death of Baby Chandler Zuchs, reportedly attempted suicide overnight.</p> <p>Sheriff Gary Maha said Deats was found in his cell at 11:55 p.m. He had tried to use a bedsheet to hang himself.</p> <p>A corrections officer performed CPR. Deats was transported to UMMC and later transferred to ECMC, where he is listed in critical condition.</p> <p>&quot;I cannot comment on his medical condition due to confidentially&nbsp;issues, but he is still alive,&quot; Maha said.</p> <p>A corrections officer had made a routine check of his cell nine minutes prior to Deats being found during the suicide attempt.</p> <p>Deats was arrested Wednesday on a charge of manslaughter 2nd. &nbsp;</p> <p>Six-month-old Chandler Zuchs, whom at the time Deats apparently believed was his son, was on an overnight visit the weekend before at the Olyn Avenue home of Deats when the child died.</p> <p>Baby Chandler suffered brain injuries, according to a Medical Examiner&#39;s report, authorities said.</p> <p>Following the arrest of Deats, a DNA report surfaced that showed another man, not Deats, was the biological father of Baby Chandler.</p> <p>Previously:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li> <a href="">Father in custody in case of infant&#39;s death in Batavia</a></li> <li> <a href="">Baby Chandler suffered head trauma, authorities say</a></li> <li> <a href="">Man held in Baby Chandler case is not the father</a></li> <li> <a href="">Video: This morning&#39;s press conference on death of Baby Chandler</a></li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> batavia Baby Chandler crime Mon, 22 Dec 2014 12:46:38 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45915 at Troopers hosting blood drive at Batavia barracks today <p>Press release:</p> <p class="rteindent1">State troopers in Batavia are joining police, firefighters and first responders from agencies across Western New York in Unyts&rsquo; Holiday Heroes campaign. Agencies will host blood drives in December and January. The events will also include Donate Life Registry drives where they&rsquo;ll be encouraging the public to sign up to become organ, eye and tissue donors. Unyts is Western New York&rsquo;s only organ, eye, tissue and community blood center.</p> <p class="rteindent1"><span>Unyts&rsquo; Donate Life Express Bus will be set up outside the New York State Police station in Batavia (4525 West Saile Drive) on Monday, Dec. 22 from 10 a.m. &ndash; 4 p.m. Appointments can be made at <a href="" title=""></a> or by calling 716-512-7940.</span></p> <p class="rteindent1"><span>The holidays are generally a time when fewer people give blood, but the need for blood remains. Unyts is the primary provider of blood and platelet products for Kaleida Health, ECMC and all hospitals in Niagara and Wyoming counties. All blood donated through Unyts remains in Western New York.</span></p> <p class="rteindent1"><span>More than 10,400 New Yorkers are currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. Police, firefighters and first responders are urging more people to join the New York State Donate Life Registry. During the Holiday Heroes campaign, several organ recipients are sharing their own stories to encourage others to donate.</span></p> <p class="rteindent1"><span>Victor Morales, the public information officer for Troop A of the New York State Police, shared the story of his kidney transplant to encourage others to give. Morales was born with only one kidney. In January 2001, he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and learned he would need a transplant. He joined the waiting list for a short time, but his cousin came forward as a living donor. Morales received a kidney from her on Oct. 4, 2001.</span></p> <p class="rteindent1"><span>&ldquo;It&rsquo;s made me a new man,&rdquo; Morales said of his transplant. &ldquo;It gave me a new lease on life and I&rsquo;ve tried to do what I can to make it worthwhile.&rdquo; That new lease on life has enabled him to continue his service with the State Police, spend time with his wife and daughters, and perform as an actor in Western New York theaters.</span></p> <p class="rteindent1"><span>Among the organizations hosting or promoting Unyts drives are: the Erie County Sheriff&#39;s Office; New York State Police in Lockport and Batavia; U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Buffalo and Lewiston; the Buffalo Police Department; and fire companies and police departments around the area. A full list of drives is available at</span></p> batavia State Police Mon, 22 Dec 2014 12:30:00 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45914 at Photos: Country duo Haley & Alexis rock GCC to benefit GO ART! <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/goartchristmasdec202014.jpg" /></p> <p>Supporters of GO ART! and local music fans enjoyed an energetic show Saturday night at GCC&#39;s Stuart Steiner Theatre of the Haley &amp; Alexis Band.</p> <p>The twin sisters hail from Atlanta, but have roots in Genesee and Orleans counties, and the front row was filled with relatives.</p> <p>It&#39;s the first time the band -- nominated for the Georgia Country Music &ldquo;Best (Regional) Country Band Award&rdquo; -- has played north of the Mason-Dixon line.<span>&nbsp;</span></p> <p><span><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/goartchristmasdec202014-2.jpg" /></span></p> <p><span><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/goartchristmasdec202014-3.jpg" /></span></p> <p><span><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/goartchristmasdec202014-4.jpg" /></span></p> <p><span><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/goartchristmasdec202014-5.jpg" /></span></p> <p>Hiram Kasten was the evening&#39;s emcee.&nbsp;</p> batavia entertainment GCC GO ART! music Sun, 21 Dec 2014 19:40:25 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45910 at Photo: Connecting with Bobby Hurley at UB <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/anitaandbobbydec2014.jpg" /></p> <p>Purely by coincidence Anita Strollo and I were both at the UB Bulls men&#39;s basketball game last night. She was there to meet Bobby Hurley in person. Her cousin, <a href=";" target="_blank">Sonny Falcone</a>, is strength and condition coach at Duke University and is good friends with Hurley. Hurley, now head coach at UB, is one of the greatest collegiate point guards in history and helped lead the Blue Devils to a pair of NCAA national championships. Strollo, a Batavia resident, gave him a Christmas gift of some of her homemade cookies after the game. Buffalo beat Niagara 88-62.</p> basketball batavia Bniversity at Buffalo sports UB Bulls Sat, 20 Dec 2014 19:23:26 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45902 at Sponsored Post: Sweeten your holiday, it's customer appreciation days at Yo Twisters! <p><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/files/users/7438/2014-5/yotwisterssponpost.png" /></a></p> batavia advertisement Customer Appreciation ny Sponsored Post Yo Twisters Fri, 19 Dec 2014 20:00:00 +0000 Lisa Ace 45880 at Owners of Rancho Viejo open second restaurant in Valu Plaza <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/newburdec192014.jpg" /></p> <p>How would you like your burrito? Hot and spicy or mild and flavorful? Steak, ground beef, chicken or pork, or maybe just beans and rice? However you like your burritos, whether it&#39;s the same recipe today and tomorrow or you like to mix it up every day, Leon and Maryez Ramirez promise you this: It will be made from only the freshest ingredients.&nbsp;</p> <p>The couple, who also own Rancho Viejo Restaurant on Ellicott Street, decided to open their new place, El Burrito Loco, in the Valu Plaza because they thought Batavia needed a place like this.</p> <p>&quot;The reason we came out with this idea is because there&#39;s nothing like this in Batavia,&quot; Leon said. &quot;People are always looking for different places to eat and me and my wife always had this idea.&quot;</p> <p>The restaurant seats 60, but burritos and tacos always make great to-go food.</p> <p>Maryez is planning on expanding the menu to include salads -- healthy salads, she says, and always fresh -- and natural fruit drinks.</p> <p>The Ramirez&#39;s said Rancho Viejo is doing very well and they think the new place will complement their existing restaurant, offering another style of food and dining for residents hungry for Mexican cuisine.</p> <p>&quot;We want to invite people in,&quot; Leon said. &quot;Me, my wife and my family, we appreciate everybody in Batavia and surrounding areas for their support at Rancho and we hope they like this one, too.&quot;</p> <p><em>Photo: Leon, Maryez, Alicia and Elkim.</em></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/newburdec192014-2.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/newburdec192014-3.jpg" /></p> batavia business El Burrito Loco Rancho Viejo Fri, 19 Dec 2014 19:07:46 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45899 at Video: This morning's press conference on death of Baby Chandler <p><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="479" height="400" data=""> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> </object> </p> <p><em>The press conference was 13 minutes long. To upload it to YouTube, I had to trim it to less than 10 minutes. I tried to cut portions that seemed redundant or not particularly relevant.</em></p> <p>Recap: Jeffrey L. Deats, 28, of 10 Olyn Ave., Batavia, is charged with manslaughter, 2nd. Deats appears to have believed he was the father of 6-month-old Chandler Zuch. Baby Chandler was on an overnight visitation with Deats when he was found unresponsive on the living room couch of the Deats home Sunday morning. He was later pronounced dead at UMMC. This afternoon,&nbsp;Michael Senay was identified as Chandler&#39;s biological father. Baby Chandler suffered brain injuries, which appear to be the cause of death. Deats is being held in the Genesee County Jail on $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 bond. He is scheduled for a felony hearing Dec. 24.</p> <p>From the press conference, key statements by District Attorney Lawrence Friedman:</p> <ul> <li> &quot;The question is, was this death caused by what is commonly known as &#39;shaken baby syndrome&#39;? The key part of that question is the use of the term, &#39;commonly known.&#39; What I would say is that neither medically nor legally do we use that term.&nbsp; I recognize that it is commonly known as that, and that may be a layman&#39;s term for what occured here, but it&#39;s not a term that we would use.&quot;</li> <li> <span>&quot;Why not murder? Well, generally, murder involves intentionally causing the death of another person. Generally speaking, that&#39;s the most common basis for a murder charge and that is not what is supported by the evidence we currently have.&quot;</span></li> <li> Regardine timeline on the morning of Chandler&#39;s death: &quot;Certainly that&#39;s a factor as to the cause of the death, the time the injuries may have been inflicted and the time it was reported.&quot;</li> <li> &quot;The question was asked before, are we talking about eyewitnesses or people who had information. Witnesses are obviously not just inclusive of people who saw a crime being committed. There can be witnesses, certainly, to surrounding circumstances. There are a number of people who have been interviewed about this case, certainly, and but that&#39;s not the same thing as saying there are people who saw the injuries being caused.&quot;</li> <li> &quot;I wouldn&#39;t refer to this as negligence, no. To be more clear on what I&#39;m saying is negligence is often a civil term. There&#39;s negligence, to criminal negligence, to recklessness, and then up to intent. What we&#39;re dealing with here -- as far as the charge of manslaughter in the second degree -- is recklessness.&quot;</li> <li> &quot;I don&#39;t think we&#39;ve used the term &#39;hit&#39; as far as what happened to the child -- injury to the brain, which does not necessarily involve the child being hit.&quot;</li> </ul> <p>In our first story last night, we reported that Deats had been arrested at least twice before. Today we received copies of court documents in both of those cases.</p> <p>On Dec. 5, 2011, Deats was charged with harassment, 2nd. His mother accused him of threatening to kill her and her dog. In connection with this case, he was also accused of violating an order of protection. The criminal contempt charge was a factor today in Judge Robert Balbick setting a high bail for Deats.</p> <p>On May 29, 2013, Deats allegedly threatened another person. He was accused of displaying &quot;what appeared to be a black pistol in his waistband.&quot; He was accused of threatening to shoot the other person. The person said in a statement to police that Deats called him a &quot;chomo&quot; (child molester) and a rapist. There were further words exchanged and insults thrown out. About five or 10 minutes later, Deats reportedly came back and displayed the handle of what looked like a 9mm stuck in his waistband, the man said. He quoted Deats saying, &quot;Do you want me to shoot you? I could shoot you.&quot; Then the police showed up and Deats went back to his house. Three witnesses provided statements in the case. Deats was charged with menacing and harassment.</p> <p>Previous Coverage:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li> <a href="">Father in custody in case of infant&#39;s death in Batavia</a></li> <li> <a href="">Baby Chandler suffered head trauma, authorities say</a></li> <li> <a href="">Man held in Baby Chandler case is not the father</a></li> </ul> batavia Baby Chandler crime Fri, 19 Dec 2014 04:09:29 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45893 at Man held in Baby Chandler case is not the father <p>It turns out the the man being held in the death of a 6-month-old boy is not the baby&#39;s father.</p> <p>Police Chief Shawn Heubusch confirmed minutes ago that Michael Senay is the father of Chandler Zuch.</p> <p>A relative of Senay&#39;s provided <em>The Batavian</em> with a copy of a DNA test from the DNA Diagnostic Center in Erie County dated Dec. 8 that says Senay is the father with 99.99 percent probability.</p> <p>Senay posted on Facebook this afternoon a statement that he was the father.</p> <p>So far, he has declined interview requests.</p> <p>Jeffrey Deats had Baby Chandler for an overnight visit this past weekend and according to his statement to police, he believed he was the father of the baby.</p> <p>In the statement he said the mother, Michelle Zuch, alternately told him he was the father and not the father over a period of time, and eventually told him that she had the results back of a DNA test and that he, Deats, was the father. Deats, based on his statement, seemed to accept her claim and believed he was the father of Chandler.</p> <p>Deats is being held on $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 bond on a charge of manslaughter, 2nd.</p> <p>A preliminary hearing, known as a felony hearing, is scheduled for Dec. 24.</p> <p>This morning at a press conference District Attorney Lawrence Friedman said there was no proof at this time that Deats intended harm or death, which is why Deats is charged with manslaughter, which presumes recklessness in the death of another person.</p> <p>Senay, according to his Facebook page, lives in Orleans County and attended Pembroke High School.</p> <p>UPDATE: The District Attorney&#39;s Office has issued the following statement;</p> <p>&quot;We have been informed that Paternity Test results were received today, establishing that Jeffrey Deats was not the father of the baby, Chandler Zuch. This has no effect on the legal proceedings.&quot;</p> <p>Previously:</p> <ul> <li> <a href="">Father in custody in case of infant&#39;s death in Batavia</a></li> <li> <a href="">Baby Chandler suffered head trauma, authorities say</a></li> </ul> batavia Baby Chandler crime Thu, 18 Dec 2014 22:05:13 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45892 at Sponsored Post: Happy Holidays from Mr. Wine & Liquor! <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/7438/2014-5/mrwineliquorxmaspost.png" /></p> batavia advertisement Mr. Wine & Liquor ny Sponsored Post Thu, 18 Dec 2014 20:00:00 +0000 Lisa Ace 45854 at Baby Chandler suffered head trauma, authorities say <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/babychandler_twitterdec18.jpg" style="margin: 7px; float: left;" />Baby Chandler, the 6-month-old who died Sunday while in his father&#39;s care, suffered multiple brain injuries, causing his death, according to local law enforcement officials.</p> <p>Jeffrey L. Deats, 27, of Olyn Avenue, Batavia, has been charged with manslaughter in the second degree and is currently being held in the Genesee County Jail.</p> <p>In a press conference this morning, District Attorney Lawrence Friedman said the charge stems from the belief that Deats acted recklessly and with disregard for the possible harm of his actions. He said at this time there&#39;s no evidence to indicate that Deats intended to cause harm or death to Chandler.</p> <p>Batavia PD Chief Shawn Heubusch said the preliminary report from the Monroe County Medical Examiner&#39;s Office indicates brain injuries.</p> <p>The baby is undergoing a full skeletal, neurological and dental exam at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester.</p> <p>According to court documents, Deats made a long statement to police about his relationship with Chandler&#39;s mother and his time with Chandler, including during this past weekend.&nbsp;</p> <p>He later made a second statement and told a detective that he had &quot;not told the entire truth.&quot;</p> <p>He said, &quot;I remember that around 9 or 9:30 p.m., I was walking down the stairs with Chandler in my arms and I was wearing flip-flops. As I started to go down the stairs, my foot slipped and I began to fall. When I fell, the back of my head hit the stairs really hard. When I got to the last three steps, I rolled and I tried to protect Chandler. As we were falling, Chandler&#39;s head was going back and forth really bad. At no times did I tell my mother what happened. I think she was in her room sleeping, but I&#39;m not sure. I did not want to tell anyone that I had messed up because they would think bad of me.&quot;</p> <p>In a statement to police, the baby&#39;s grandmother, Jacquelyn Deats, said she heard Chandler crying off and on throughout the night and that she woke up around 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning because she was thinking about going to church.&nbsp;</p> <p>A half hour later, she said, she heard Chandler crying loudly, like he was screaming. &nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;I heard Jeff stomping down the stairs and he was calling, &#39;mom, mom&#39; several times,&quot; Jacquelyn Deats said. &quot;He sounded very upset. I said that I was in the bathroom. When I came out, Jeff was holding Chandler so that Chandler&#39;s head was on Jeff&#39;s shoulder. Jeff said, &#39;He&#39;s been up all night and I need to sleep.&#39; Jeff was really upset. He laid Chandler on the couch and said, &#39;Now, you go to sleep you god damn bastard,&#39; and he turned around and went upstairs.&quot;</p> <p>She went on, &quot;when I looked at the baby, I knew something was wrong. He was breathing very slow, shallow and labored breaths. I was praying that he was going to be okay.&quot;</p> <p>She said first that she didn&#39;t call for help because she was afraid what Jeff would do. That statement is scratched out and she said she was hoping the baby would calm down.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;I picked Chandler up and when I touched his hands and feet, they were cold. I tried to warm them up and I said, &#39;please warm up,&#39;&quot; she said. &quot;I was just praying he would be okay. I laid Chandler back on the couch. Chandler did not move for the entire time he was on the couch. He also had his eyes closed the entire time.&quot;</p> <p>She said she called up to Jeff at 8:30 a.m. and Jeff told her to wake him up at 9:30 a.m.</p> <p>When Jeff came down at 9:30, they noticed Chandler wasn&#39;t breathing, she said. Jeff apparently tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and Jacquelyn called 9-1-1.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;Before I left for the hospital, Jeff told me, &#39;you need to tell everyone that you were with me the entire time,&#39; &quot; she said.&nbsp;</p> <p>In a second statement, Jacquelyn Deats said he had no knowledge of Chandler being dropped or anybody slipping and falling while holding him or of anybody falling down the stairs.</p> <p>She also said in the same statement that Jeff came downstairs about 6:05 a.m., &quot;and I heard him &#39;thump&#39; down the stairs.&quot;</p> <p>&quot;When he came downstairs he was out of breath and disheveled,&quot; she wrote. &quot;I think it is possible that he might have fallen then. Chandler was all disheveled and his shirt was up to about the middle of his torso and there were red marks on his stomach that looked like it was from Jeff holding him really tight. If anybody had fallen down the stairs any other time, I would have heard it.&quot;</p> <p>The mother of Chandler is identified as Michelle Zuch. In his statement, Jeff Deats said he met Zuch through Facebook.&nbsp;</p> <p>They first time they met in person, they went to the sandwash off Cedar Street.</p> <p>Three weeks later, Deats said she texted him and said they needed to talk. She came to Batavia and told him she was pregnant.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;We fought every day over the phone,&quot; Deats said. &quot;Michelle would tell me that it was my child, then say it wasn&#39;t. This went on until just recently.&quot;</p> <p>He said after DNA testing, Zuch told him he was the father.&nbsp;</p> <p>Sometime later, Zuch brought Chandler to Batavia for a visit with Deats.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;After a while, I started having Chandler on Sundays,&quot; Deats said. &quot;Chandler was around four months old when this started happening. I would bring him back on Sunday night and Michelle would say I wasn&#39;t going to see him anymore. Michelle would not say why. She would just call me a deadbeat father.&quot;</p> <p>He said before this last visit, Michelle tried to back out of letting Chandler visit on Sunday, then after further conversation she said, &quot;why don&#39;t you just take him for an overnight,&quot; Deats said.</p> <p>Deats and his mother picked him up Saturday around 9 a.m., Saturday, according to the statement.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;Chandler looked perfectly fine when I picked him up,&quot; he said. &quot;There may have been a little bruise on his left or right thumb, but I&#39;m not sure.&quot;</p> <p>When they stopped for gas in Pembroke, Deats said he was in the back seat with Chandler watching him play with a toy.</p> <p>&quot;It was orange and made of hard plastic,&quot; he said. &quot;The toy swung around and bashed him the mouth. Chandler started crying, but I was able to calm him down. I looked and saw that his lower tooth was missing and his mouth was bleeding. I looked for the tooth in the car, but I could not find it.&quot;</p> <p>He said he called Zuch and Zuch wanted the baby returned immediately. &nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;I told her he would be fine at my house,&quot; he said.</p> <p>Twenty minutes after getting home, Zuch showed up at the house and so did the police.</p> <p>The police entered the house, checked out Chandler, he said, and after a brief interview, Deats said they told him they didn&#39;t see anything wrong.</p> <p>He told police that Zuch was welcome to stay and make sure the child was fine, and Zuch did stay and visit for a while, he said.</p> <p>He and Zuch went to Dunkin&#39; Donuts with two friends.</p> <p>Later, at home, Zuch visited longer. Then Deats said he gave Chandler a bath and the baby seemed fine. He put new clothes on him and they &quot;just hung out the rest of the day.&quot;</p> <p>Zuch left around 1 p.m.</p> <p>His mother started watching Chandler around 3:45 p.m. while Deats went upstairs with a friend. He left for work at 8:20 p.m.</p> <p>&quot;When I got home, mom was on the couch with the dog watching TV,&quot; Deats said. &quot;I took a picture of Chandler and sent it to Michelle. Michelle had been blowing up my phone asking for a picture, that&#39;s why I did it.&quot;</p> <p>He said he checked Chandler&#39;s diaper and it was fine, and then he made him a bottle.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;I brought him upstairs with his bouncy chair,&quot; he said. &quot;Michelle had told me that he doesn&#39;t fall asleep in people&#39;s arms or in the bed, so I put him in his bouncy chair. I could tell he was tired because he was throwing his little tired whine. I picked him up and he fell asleep in his (sic) arms.&quot;</p> <p>He said Chandler woke a little when he laid him down, then went back to sleep in five minutes.&nbsp;</p> <p>His mother then went upstairs to watch Chandler and Deats left the house with a friend. He returned about 20 minutes later and found Chandler still asleep upstairs.&nbsp;</p> <p>He and a friend watched the Heisman Trophy presentation and then a documentary on U2.</p> <p>Shortly after that, Chandler woke up.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;Chandler was making fussing noises,&quot; Deats said. &quot;He then started to cry. I picked him up and sat him on my left knee about five minutes. He was still fussing so I put him in my arms and tried giving him a bottle. He was till fussing and pushing it away. I then put him back in his bouncy chair, facing the TV. He seemed fine then. I would rock the chair with my hand or sometimes my foot.&quot;</p> <p>His friend left about 2 a.m.</p> <p>&quot;Chandler would fuss every time it went to commercial or when I would stop rocking him.&quot;</p> <p>He tried giving Chandler a bottle, but Chandler spit it up four or five times.&nbsp;</p> <p>He changed Chandler&#39;s clothes and his own clothes, he said.&nbsp;</p> <p>For the next few hours, Deats said Chandler was in and out of his bouncy chair and fussing on and off.</p> <p>After his mom got up, he said he brought Chandler downstairs and laid him on the couch. He said he asked his mom to watch him for a couple of hours so he could get some sleep.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;He was rubbing his head and yawning and making little talking noises,&quot; Deats said. &quot;I tucked him in, putting his two comfort blankets around him. I made sure he was OK and then I went upstairs and went to bed.&quot;</p> <p>He said he came downstairs again at 9:40 a.m.</p> <p>&quot;Michelle was blowing up my phone again,&quot; Deats said. I told her I was gonna send her a picture, shower and then give Chandler a bath, then call her.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;I walked downstairs and took a quick picture of Chandler. When I first laid Chandler down, his head was facing towards my mom&#39;s bedroom. When I came down, his feet were kinda pointing towards my mom&#39;s bedroom and his head was more towards the back cushions. My mom was in the kitchen. As soon as I took the photo, and as I hit send, I realized that he was passed. I just had that feeling in me.</p> <p>&quot;I pulled the blanket off and put my hand on his belly to see if it was cold I felt that he was warm. I said to my mom that I think he passed away. I said that &#39;we are f--ked, Michelle&#39;s gonna kill us.&#39;</p> <p>&quot;I picked up Chandler and his arms were limp and his head fell backwards. I just held him really tight in my arms then brought him to my mom&#39;s bed and layed him down. I tried doing CPR. My mom called the ambulance. My mom was a wreck when I told her I thought Chandler was passed.&quot;</p> <p>UPDATE: <a href="" target="_blank">Authorities now believe Deats is not Chandler&#39;s father.</a></p> <p>First reported on <em>The Batavian</em>:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Father in custody in case of infant&#39;s death in Batavia</a></p> batavia Baby Chandler crime Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:07:50 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45881 at Batavia man accused of selling morphine <table align="right" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/mugaspearance2014.jpg" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <em>Anthony&nbsp;<span>Spearance</span></em></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>A Batavia resident has been arrested, accused of selling morphine to undercover agents.</p> <p>Anthony J. Spearance, 29, of Washington Avenue, is charged with two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance, 3rd, and two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, 3rd.&nbsp;</p> <p>It&#39;s alleged that Spearance sold morphine to an agent of the Local Drug Task Force. He was arrested on a sealed indictment Tuesday.</p> <p>Spearance was ordered held without bail.</p> <p>Also arrested Tuesday was Jacob W. Patterson, 18, of Killian Road, Pembroke.</p> <p>He is charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, 7th, and criminally possessing a hypodermic instrument.</p> <p>Task Force members allegedly found him in possession of heroin and a needle in March 2014. He was issued an appearance ticket.</p> batavia crime Thu, 18 Dec 2014 12:58:05 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45879 at Father in custody in case of infant's death in Batavia <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/memofchandler.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-5/deatswithchandler_0.jpg" style="border-width: 0px; border-style: solid; margin: 7px; float: left;" />A Batavia man is in the Genesee County Jail tonight, charged with manslaughter in the second degree in connection with the death this weekend of an infant, according to local law enforcement sources.</p> <p>Police Chief Shawn Heubusch has scheduled a 10 a.m. press conference to discuss the case, but has not replied to e-mails tonight seeking comment on the arrest of Jeffrey L. Deats, 28, of Olyn Avenue, Batavia.</p> <p>A corrections officer did confirm that Deats is in custody, but declined to answer further questions about his status.</p> <p>According to friends of Deats, Deats is the father of 6-month-old Chandler, whom police reported two days ago was found unresponsive Sunday morning at a residence on Olyn Avenue.</p> <p>Chandler was later pronounced dead at UMMC. An autopsy was performed Monday by the Monroe County Medical Examiner&#39;s Office, but those results have not yet been released.</p> <p>Deats has two prior arrests where he was charged with harassment after being accused of <a href="" target="_blank">making threats</a> to <a href="" target="_blank">other people</a>.</p> <p>On Tuesday, he <a href="" target="_blank">tweeted</a>:</p> <p class="rteindent1">@Jaguars yesterday I lost my lil dude in his sleep he was a young jags fan play hard for him this Sunday #RIPchan&nbsp;</p> <p>Friends have left several messages of support, and messages defending Deats, on <a href="" target="_blank">his Facebook wall</a>.</p> <p>On both Facebook and Twitter, he has frequnetly posted pictures of Chandler and one friend wrote shortly after news of Chandler&#39;s death became public:</p> <p class="rteindent1">Jeff Deats loves Chandler. I don&#39;t care what anyone says, he would never do anything to HIS own son.&nbsp;</p> <p>Until Batavia PD releases more information at the press conference, we won&#39;t know the reason investigators decided to charge Deats in Chandler&#39;s death.</p> <p>There is a charitable fund set up to assist Chandler&#39;s mother, Michelle Zuch, of Tonawanda, called <a href="" target="_blank">Memory of Chandler</a>.</p> <p>UPDATE:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Authorities now believe Deats is not Chandler&#39;s father.</a></p> batavia Baby Chandler crime Thu, 18 Dec 2014 06:01:09 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45877 at Batavia Area Jaycees announce Christmas light decorations winners <p><em>Press release:</em></p> <div class="rteindent1"> The Batavia Area Jaycees were out driving around on Dec. 14th&nbsp;looking at all the homes that had decorated for the Holiday Season. Judging is always tough as there are a lot of beautiful homes decorated throughout the community. These awards are meant to be given out as a friendly community project.</div> <div class="rteindent1"> &nbsp;</div> <div class="rteindent1"> Homes were judged on various different categories and the winners are:</div> <div class="rteindent1"> <strong>Most Traditional</strong>:&nbsp;206 Osterhout Ave.<br /> <strong>Simple &amp; Elegant</strong>:&nbsp;67 Clinton St.<br /> <strong>Best Dressed Streets</strong>:&nbsp;Union Street, Redfield Pkwy, Ellicott Avenue<br /> <strong>Best in Snow</strong>:&nbsp;23 Meadowcrest Drive<br /> <strong>Most Commercial</strong>:&nbsp;Corner of Naramore Drive and North Street</div> <div class="rteindent1"> &nbsp;</div> <div class="rteindent1"> The judging committee also had a few Honorable Mentions:&nbsp;<br /> 15 Edgewood Drive, 27 Clinton St., 59 Tracy Ave. and 3 S. Main St.</div> <div class="rteindent1"> Take a night to drive around with family looking at all the wonderfully decorated homes for the holiday season.</div> batavia Batavia Area Jaycees Wed, 17 Dec 2014 21:55:44 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45873 at Sponsored Post: Happy Holidays from Sonny's Deli <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/7438/2014-5/sonnysdelisponpost.png" /></p> batavia advertisement ny Sonny's Deli Sponsored Post Wed, 17 Dec 2014 20:00:00 +0000 Lisa Ace 45862 at Law and Order: Hunter allegedly found with stolen handgun <p><strong>David E. Stone</strong>, 63, of Route 237, Le Roy, is charged with criminal possession of a weapon, 2nd. Department of Environmental Conservation officers were investigating a report of a person hunting with a rifle in the area of Morganville Road, Stafford, when they came into contact with Stone. Stone was allegedly in possession of a shotgun, loaded rifle and a loaded .357 caliber revolver. Stone is accused of not possessing a valid pistol permit. It&#39;s alleged that the revolver was stolen from a residence in the Town of Le Roy sometime within the past three years. Stone also faces possible DEC charges.</p> <p><strong>Jame Albert Hancock</strong>, 45, of Dellinger Avenue, Batavia, was arrested on a warrant for alleged failure to appear in October on a criminal possession of a controlled substance, 7th, charge. Hancock was held on $1,000 bond.</p> <p><strong>Kara Ellen Wojkowski</strong>, 31, of State Street, Batavia, is charged with harassment, 2nd. Wojkowski was allegedly involved in a fight with another person in her household.</p> <p><strong>Jessica L. Ford</strong>, 23, of Oak Street, is charged with assault, 3rd. Ford allegedly hit another person causing pain and injury. She was jailed on $2,500 bail.</p> <p><strong>Richard C. Smith</strong>, 47, of Ross Street, Batavia, is charged with DWI and driving with a BAC of .08 or greater. Smith was stopped at 3:21 a.m. Sunday on West Main Street by Officer Peter Flanagan.</p> <p><strong>Francis George Germuga</strong>, 54, of Stringham Drive, Batavia, is charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .08, improper U-turn, moving from lane unsafely and consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle.</p> batavia crime Le Roy Stafford Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:31:12 +0000 Howard B. Owens 45869 at