en Photos: 2014 Harley Raffle party at Town of Batavia Fire Hall <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014.jpg" /></p> <p>Town of Batavia firefighters proved once again they know how to throw a party.</p> <p>Saturday night, the department hosted its annual Harley Raffle party, the biggest fundraiser of the year for the volunteers.</p> <p>Mary Miesner, of Albion, with ticket #1281, won the Harley Fat Boy (or she could choose a cash prize). The four $500 winners were Andrew Chapman, of Batavia, David Metzger, of Buffalo (his ticket being drawn above), Roy Baker, of Medina, and Joseph Sherman, of Le Roy.</p> <p>The band this year was Audibull.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-2.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-3.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-4.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-5.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-6.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-7.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-8.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/harleyraffle2014-9.jpg" /></p> <p>To purchase prints, <a href="" target="_blank">click here</a>.</p> <p><iframe frameborder="0" height="360" scrolling="no" src="" width="480"></iframe></p> batavia Town of Batavia Fire Sun, 27 Jul 2014 14:24:37 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43881 at Aerial photos of Town of Batavia's Harley Raffle party <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/dji00027.jpg" /></p> <p>Nate Fix sent over these photos he took with his drone earlier this evening of the Town of Batavia Fire Department&#39;s annual Harley Raffle party.</p> <p>The party goes until midnight. Audibull is the band and they&#39;re rockin&#39; the tent. &nbsp;</p> <p>The fire hall is on Lewiston Road, across from Kmart.</p> <p>I&#39;ll have ground-level photos posted in the morning some time.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/dji00022.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/dji00026.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/dji00025.jpg" /></p> <p>Batavia Downs.</p> batavia Town of Batavia Fire Sun, 27 Jul 2014 02:08:42 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43879 at Photos: YWCA's Wheels and Heels at Stan's Harley-Davidson <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/wheelsheals2014.jpg" /></p> <p>Kaden Lyons, 9, models his Harley-Davidson gear atop his dad&#39;s bike at the YWCA&#39;s Wheels and Heels fundraiser today at Stan&#39;s Harley-Davidson.</p> <p>The event featured a fashion show and Kaden was one of the models.</p> <p>Funds raised will be used for the YW&#39;s for domestic violence programs.</p> <p>The event&#39;s band was&nbsp;&quot;driVen,&quot; with Mike Warren on bass and vocals, Dylan DeSmit on lead guitar and vocals and Alex DeSmit on drums.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/wheelsheals2014-2.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/wheelsheals2014-3.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/wheelsheals2014-4.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/wheelsheals2014-5.jpg" /></p> batavia Stan's Harley-Davidson YWCA Sat, 26 Jul 2014 22:00:42 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43878 at Timothy Redband makes the dean's list at Harpur College of Arts and Sciences at Binghamton University <p><strong>Timothy M. Redband</strong>, of Batavia, received academic honors from the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences at Binghamton University by making the dean&#39;s list for the Spring 2014 semester.</p> <p>Binghamton University is one of the four university centers of the State University of New York. Known for the excellence of its students, faculty, staff and programs, Binghamton enrolls close to 15,000 students in programs leading to bachelor&#39;s, master&#39;s and doctoral degrees. Its curriculum, founded in the liberal arts, has expanded to include selected professional and graduate programs.<br /> &nbsp;</p> batavia Milestones Sat, 26 Jul 2014 17:33:26 +0000 Billie Owens 43873 at Retired collision shop owner enjoying life of rust and restoration <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014.jpg" /></p> <p>Dick McClurg says &quot;they don&#39;t call me the dreamer for nothing.&quot;</p> <p>&quot;The Dreamer.&quot; That&#39;s what&#39;s stenciled on his 1932 Ford hot rod roadster. His dream car.</p> <p>&quot;I wanted one all my life. I waited 50 years for that one.&quot;</p> <p>McClurg has about a dozen classic cars scattered around his shop location, Old World Collision on West Main Street Road, Batavia, that many of us would consider dream cars -- a Mustang, Corvette, BelAir, Thunderbird, Charger, &nbsp;&#39;41 Mercury, Cadillac El Dorado, and old coupes buried under a a couple of dozen rusted bicycles.</p> <p>Many in some state of restoration; some in permanent disrepair and destined for Ed Arnold&#39;s.</p> <p>&quot;Rust is my life,&quot; he said.</p> <p>Now that McClurg is retired, he has more time to work on his own projects (he emphasized, he&#39;s not looking for new business), hence the completion of the roadster.</p> <p>He&#39;s just about finished the restoration on his shop car, a 1949 Chevy panel truck. It hasn&#39;t been on the road for 31 of the 36 years he&#39;s owned it.</p> <p>What was wrong with it?</p> <p>&quot;Everything,&quot; he answered. &quot;Body off the frame, every nut and bolt. It&#39;s probably one of the most rotten pieces I&#39;ve never tackled.&quot;</p> <p>The old delivery wagon sat out front of his shop for awhile this morning, gleaming in the July sun.</p> <p>&quot;I&#39;ve probably had plenty of opportunities to sell it, but if the day ever came where I could handle getting it on the road, then I&#39;d have to go buy another one, so I&#39;m glad I didn&#39;t.&quot;</p> <p>My stop in McClurg&#39;s shop this morning -- a stop I&#39;ve intended for a long time -- was prompted by a 1957 Caddy.&nbsp;</p> <p>At the accident near Wortyndyke today, I was reminded of a classic Caddy I&#39;d seen -- and a firefighter had seen -- parked over on Pearl Street, at&nbsp;LaWall&#39;s Collision.</p> <p>The shop owner there told me, yeah, it had been parked out front, a real traffic stopper while it was there, but after some rear end repairs, it had gone back to Old World.</p> <p>McClurg said the baby blue Caddy is a project for one of his few remaining customers.</p> <p>Another dream car about to become reality.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-2.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-3.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-4.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-5.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-6.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-7.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-8.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-9.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-10.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-11.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/mcclurgrust2014-12.jpg" /></p> batavia business Old World Collision Fri, 25 Jul 2014 21:14:53 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43864 at Sponsored Post: Specials on Sports Physicals, only at Insource Urgent Care! <p><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/files/users/7438/2014-3/insourcesportssponpost.png" /></a></p> batavia advertisement Insource Urgent Care ny Sponsored Post Fri, 25 Jul 2014 19:00:00 +0000 Lisa Ace 43847 at Photos: Children in summer program tour ARC recycling center <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/arctourjuly252014.jpg" /></p> <p>Kids participating in the city&#39;s summer program at Lambert Park toured the recycling center at Genesee ARC this morning.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/arctourjuly252014-2.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/arctourjuly252014-3.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/arctourjuly252014-4.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/arctourjuly252014-5.jpg" /></p> batavia Genesee ARC Lambert Park Fri, 25 Jul 2014 18:18:46 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43859 at Vehicle on its side after accident on West Main Street Road <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/fedaccjul252014.jpg" /></p> <p>A car accident is reported at 3299 W. Main Street Road, just west of Wortendyke Road. The vehicle is on its side. East Pembroke Fire Department and Mercy medics are responding.</p> <p>UPDATE 11:04 a.m.: (from Howard at the scene) There is no vehicle on its side. A black sedan was eastbound on Route 5 and a FedEx truck was westbound. The truck attempted a left turn into a car dealership and allegedly did so in front of the sedan, causing the initial collision. Then the sedan veered into the car lot, hit a barrier pole and the front end of a car. The female driver was extricated and is being taken to ECMC by Mercy ambulance. She suffered a possible head injury, possible pelvic injury, and a face laceration. The FedEx driver was a sign-off. The truck has a damaged right rear panel and a flat left rear tire.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/fedaccjul252014-2.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/fedaccjul252014-3.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/fedaccjul252014-4.jpg" /></p> batavia accidents Fri, 25 Jul 2014 14:41:59 +0000 Billie Owens 43857 at One-vehicle rollover on eastbound Thruway, Town of Batavia and Mercy medics responding <p>A one-vehicle rollover accident is reported on the eastbound Thruway at mile marker 388.2. Town of Batavia Fire Department and Mercy medics are responding.</p> <p>UPDATE 5:47 p.m.: Town of Batavia command reports the driver is out of the vehicle.</p> batavia accidents Thu, 24 Jul 2014 21:43:23 +0000 Billie Owens 43852 at Pavilion teen charged with first-degree rape <p><strong>Colin J. McCullough</strong>, 17, of Telephone Road, Pavilion, is charged with first-degree rape following an investigation by the Genesee County Sheriff&#39;s Office that determined he allegedly had forcible sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old female acquaintance on June 6. He was arrested on the felony charge July 21 and arraigned in Town of Pavilion Court, then released under supervision of Genesee Justice. He is to reappear in court on Aug. 12. Colin was arrested by Deputy Matthew Fleming, following the investigation by Sheriff&#39;s Investigator Timothy Weis and Deputy Frank Bordonaro.</p> <p><strong>Ryan James Sharpstene</strong>, 27, of Chili Rigi Center Road, Churchville, is charged with criminal possession of stolen property with a value exceeding $3,000 and unauthorized use of a vehicle, 1st. It is alleged that Sharpstene was in possession of a stolen vehicle out of South Byron on July 16 and was operating this vehicle following the alleged theft without the owner&#39;s consent. He was jailed on today in lieu of $10,000 cash bail. The case was investigated by Deputy Joseph Corona</p> <p><strong>Bart A. Towne</strong>, 45, of Highland Park, Batavia, was arrested July 22 on two misdemeanor drug-related charges following an investigation by the Genesee County Local Drug Enforcement Task Force, comprised of Sheriff&#39;s deputies and Batavia Police NET officers, plus the Le Roy Village PD. They were investigating the possession and transportation of heroin in and around Genesee County. Officers conducted a traffic stop in the Town of Byron, and Towne was allegedly found in possession of a quantity of heroin and a hypodermic needle. He was jailed on $2,500 cash bail and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, 7th, a Class A misdemeanor, and criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument, also a Class A misdemeanor.</p> <p><strong>Jessica Jane Moscicki</strong>, 24, of Briarwood Terrace, Batavia, was arrested by the Genesee County Sheriff&#39;s Office on Saturday, July 23, on an active bench warrant issued out of the Town of Batavia. The warrant stemmed from her failure to appear for sentencing on an original charge of petit larceny, which occurred Aug. 27, 2013, on Lewiston Road. She was jailed on no bail and is to reappear in court on July 29. The case was investigated by Deputy Joseph Graff, aasisted by Deputy Dana Richardson.</p> <p>A 17-year-old and a 16-year-old, both from Albion, are charged with petit larceny for allegedly stealing merchandise from Darien Lake Theme Park on July 20. The cases were investigated by Sheriff&#39;s Deputy Kevin McCarthy, assisted by Deputy Christopher Parker.</p> batavia crime Darien Pavilion Thu, 24 Jul 2014 18:26:44 +0000 Billie Owens 43848 at Community members come forward with donations to replace memorial lights destroyed at YWCA <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/lightplacementywjuly242014.jpg" /></p> <p>So far, the YWCA has at least 108 Malibu lights to replace the 36 that were destroyed by a vandal over the weekend.</p> <p>The lights were part of a display called the Walkway of Hope, and were meant as a symbol against domestic violence. The lights were placed during a ceremony honoring Nicole Sheehan, who was murdered, allegedly by a domestic partner.</p> <p>Sheehan&#39;s mother, Suzanne Ball, was at the YWCA on North Street on Wednesday evening to help reinstall some of the lights, along with Steven Foster of Adams Welding and Fabrication.</p> <p>Stevens said Adams wanted to donate lights because giving hope to the victims of domestic violence is important.</p> <p>&quot;If one person walks up the walkway and saves a life and gets help, it&#39;s not in vain,&quot; Foster said.</p> <p>Lights have also been donated by Mike and Norine Adams and John Peck, and at least one other man has called, according to Executive Director Jeanne Walton, to say he was bringing lights.</p> <p>&quot;It&#39;s been overwhelming,&quot; Walton said. &quot;<span>We&#39;ve been shocked by the support we&#39;ve gotten from so many people like Adams Welding and Fabrication, as well as a few others, that have just come forth and brought us lights to replace the ones that were destroyed.&quot;</span></p> <p><span>All of the lights will be placed outside the Y, Walton said. That will send a powerful message, she said, to whomever destroyed the first set of lights.</span></p> <p><span>Ball agreed.</span></p> <p><span>&quot;We&#39;re letting them know nobody is putting our lights out,&quot; Ball said.</span></p> <p><span>Mike Adams called <em>The Batavia</em>n after <a href="" target="_blank">the story appeared</a> and said he wasn&#39;t looking for any publicity of the plan (at that time) of his wife and he to make the donation, but he didn&#39;t mind being quoted calling the vandal a &quot;coward.&quot;</span></p> <p><span>&quot;My only statement would be I guess is getting the point across, who&#39;s the coward out there who would do something like that, destroying a memorial for that young girl?&quot; Adams said. &quot;We&#39;re pretty upset about it.&quot;</span></p> <p><span>So are a lot of other people.</span></p> batavia crime YWCA Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:57:42 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43845 at Brit recreating cross-country bike trip of 1884 gets warm reception in Batavia <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/bikerbataviajuly24.jpg" /></p> <p>When Stuart Lowe stopped at the visitor&#39;s information booth in the Holland Land Office Museum parking lot on West Main Street, he may not have been expecting the kind of welcome he received.</p> <p>Lowe is from the U.K. and is riding a bicycle from San Francisco to Boston, following the path of Thomas Stevens, the first person to successfully cross the United States on a bike, which he did in 1884.</p> <p>Lowe is making the trek in support of Doctors Without Borders.</p> <p>Members of the Batavia Kiwanis Club often volunteer to staff the information booth, so when Lowe arrived and spoke with the volunteer there, local help for him was quickly mobilized. Kiwanis members came up with an expired gift certificate for the Days Inn and convinced the Days Inn manager to honor it. They also contacted Ken Mistler at City Slickers. Mistler provided Lowe with a hot meal.</p> <p>By this morning, Lowe was heading east once again, following the trail first blazed by Stevens.</p> <p><em>Top photo submitted by Anita Strollo. Bottom picture from Marc Tillery.</em></p> <p><img alt="" src="/files/users/60/2014-3/s_lowe_cs_1.jpg" /></p> <p>A video about Stevens:</p> <p><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="479" height="400" data=""> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> </object> </p> batavia Batavia Kiwanis Club Thu, 24 Jul 2014 15:43:40 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43844 at Live harness racing returns to Batavia Downs in new season <p><em>Press release:</em></p> <p class="rteindent1">An enthusiastic crowd lined the fence to welcome back live harness racing at the oldest lighted harness track in North America and their zeal was rewarded with a great slate of exciting contests on a warm summer night.</p> <p class="rteindent1">The feature race was the $9,500 Mares Open Pace where newcomer Bazooka Terror established her status the first start out of the box as she soundly defeated her competition in 1:55.4.</p> <p class="rteindent1">Bazooka Terror is owned by her trainer, Leonard Segall of Clearwater, Fla. This was her sixth win of the year and it pushed her bankroll to $43,904 for 2014. She returned $6.20 for the win.<br /> <br /> In the co-featured $7,500 Open Mares Trot, Love Me Do took a huge step in class and thought nothing of it as she cruised to a five-length victory in a seasonal best time of 1:59.<br /> <br /> Love Me Do was claimed last week for $8,000 after winning that race from post seven in 2:00.1. Apparently liking what he bought, trainer Alex Giuliani wasted no time in promoting her to the top level for her sex and gait this week and the move paid off.<br /> <br /> Love Me Do left and tucked third as 3-2 favorite Fiorentina (John Cummings Jr.) took the front and began to cut the mile. After a 29 second quarter and 59 second half, Love Me Do tipped at the five-eighths and took the lead past the three-quarters in 1:28.4. When she got the lead she got away from the pack and scored an easy five-length victory, her sixth of the year.<br /> <br /> The time of 1:59 was a seasonal mark for Love Me Do and the winners share raised the annual earnings to $31,397. She paid $10.20 to win.<br /> <br /> Love Me Do is owned by Mark Jakubik of West Seneca.<br /> <br /> Reinsman Kevin Cummings carried his hot hand over from the recently concluded Buffalo meet winning four times on opening night while 2013 Batavia leading dash driver Shawn Mcdonough notched a triple.<br /> <br /> Batavia Downs returns live this Friday night (July 25) with 12 races on the card. For more racing information, a list of racing promotions, or to watch race replays as soon as they are declared official, log on to <a href="" title=""></a>. Or if you would like to bet online and watch live streaming coverage of the races as they occur, log on to <a href="" title=""></a> and open an account.</p> batavia Batavia Downs harness racing sports Thu, 24 Jul 2014 12:35:40 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43843 at Two-car accident with minor injuries, Clinton Street Road, Batavia <p>A two-car accident with minor injuries is reported at 5073 Clinton Street Road, Batavia.</p> <p>A small child is in one vehicle.</p> <p>Town of Batavia fire and Mercy EMS dispatched.</p> <p><iframe frameborder="0" height="380" src="!1m20!1m8!1m3!1d2917.8263469951994!2d-78.147481!3d43.002991!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m9!1i0!3e6!4m0!4m5!1s0x89d3efc836bcfebb%3A0x3d7cc01f2d01d473!2s5073+Clinton+Street+Rd%2C+Batavia%2C+NY+14020!3m2!1d43.002991!2d-78.147481!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1406205203516" width="480"></iframe></p> batavia accident Thu, 24 Jul 2014 12:34:09 +0000 Howard B. Owens 43841 at Smoke in residence on Holland Avenue prompts city fire response <p>City fire is on scene at 14 Holland Ave. after a report of smoke filling the residence. Firefighters say nothing is showing, investigating. It is a two-and-a-half story structure. The caller in another apartment evacuated the building.</p> <p>UPDATE 6:02 p.m.: Command reports a possible &quot;appliance burn out.&quot;</p> <p>UPDATE 6:14 p.m.: A burned-out washing machine motor is deemed to be the culprit. This assignment is back in service.</p> batavia fire Wed, 23 Jul 2014 22:01:14 +0000 Billie Owens 43839 at