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Monday, December 3, 2012 at 10:06 pm

At age 87, J.D. Barrett completes his 87th canoe trip of the year

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A dusting of snow and a thin mantle of ice wasn't about to deter J.D. Barrett and some friends from their appointed rounds, especially on a red-letter day such as this.

Beginning last January, J.D. has canoed every month in 2012 and Saturday, December 1st saw him set out on his 87th paddle of the year -- one paddle for each year of his life. The idea was suggested to him a few years ago by some of his canoeing companions, and it was those same folks who made the arrangements for Saturday's outing on Black Creek, for years one of J.D.'s favorite paddling destinations.

Though well-regarded among fellow paddlers and his fly-fishing brethren alike, J.D. Barrett shuns the spotlight and is quick to deflect attention to his fellow outdoorsmen. Maybe that's why his canoeing pals chose not to tell him Channel 10 News would be on hand to capture what they felt was certainly a milestone achievement.

One of those friends was Tony Figueredo, eagerly waiting to break the ice -- no pun intended. 

Linda Grant getting set to launch. Linda was kind enough to pass along some of her pics.

With everyone on the water, the trip upstream is about to commence.

The wintry weather posed no problem for this crew of dedicated paddlers. As Hyde Hitchcock said, "This wasn't about speed or distance -- it was about paddling with J.D."

Left to right are Dale Jones, J.D., Steve Tolle, Hyde Hitchcock and Paul Conklin. Besides his paddling gear, Hyde packed a Dutch oven and the fixings for a tasty meal on the creek bank including soup, smoked ham, baked beans, fresh biscuits and black tea.

No black flies, no mosquitoes, only a peaceful setting...

This outing marked J.D.'s second milestone of 2012. Earlier this year he and his wife, Dorothy, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary......Congratulations on both counts, J.D.!!!!!

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