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Photos: Winter wonderland of lights on Fargo Road

I am new to this area and have never experienced Fargo Road at Christmas time. If you have not taken your family there, I would highly recommend it. There are many beautiful displays. Just keep on driving down and you will run into this awesome winter wonderland. You can park your cars and get out and take a walk around the whole place. God bless all the owners for bringing some Christmas magic to all!

Elizabeth Downie
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Joined: Nov 10 2009

You are allowed to get out and walk around? I've been visiting the Fargo Road lights for years and I never knew you could go out and walk around on the property! Maybe I'll do that this year... Smile

Irene Will
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Joined: Feb 2 2009

I wouldn't be able to afford the electric bill, and I'm too old to have enough energy to do all the WORK that went into this - but I sure APPRECIATE that these (and other) people DO take the time to share their Christmas with everyone this way. I SO ENJOY driving along and seeing people's houses all decorated up like that. It's just beautiful - - a regular WONDERLAND of Christmas !!!!!

Bob Price
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Joined: Nov 15 2008

Yes,you can even park in the driveway if need be. I can't remember when Mr. DiSalvo started doing this display,but it gets bigger each year. It's an awesome display-and there are quite a few houses at beginning of Fargo Rd. that are decorated quite nicely also. Thank you to everyone that takes their time to put up holiday lights and decorations for everyone to enjoy,especially little kids.

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