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Groundbreaking for Adams' Welding & Fabrication

Pictured at the groundbreaking from left: Lester Mullen -- Stafford zoning and code enforcement officer, Dave Vicary -- Stafford Town Board, Scott Adams -- owner, Tim Adams -- owner, Steven Foster -- landscaper, Julie Scheverlein -- Stafford Court Clerk, and Andy McElheny.

For years, the parcel of land at 5782 Main Road, Stafford, wasn't being put to any sort of productive use.

It was just a weed-filled vacant lot.

Soon, however, it will be the new location of Adams' Welding & Fabrication and Scott Adams Trucking.

The longtime Genesee County business is moving from a location on Little Canada Road, Bethany. Owners Scott and Tim Adams are constructing a new 5,616-square-foot facility and truck terminal.

Adams' Welding & Fabrication serves the welding needs of local agriculture as well as homeowners and Scott Adams Trucking provides transportation for agriculture.

Finger Lakes Construction will build the new facility.

Friends and family also joined in. From left: Steven Foster, Debbie Kerr, Dave Vicary, Scott Adams, Tim Adams, Lester Mullen, Julie Scheverlein, Andy McElheny, Val Falco and Mary Adams.

Lorna Klotzbach
Amishponies's picture
Joined: Jul 20 2010

Congratulations to the Adams Brothers. I hope they are successful in their new venture. I wonder if the GCEDC gave them any type of low interest loan or tax breaks as incentives for them to keep and expand their business in Genesee County. I wonder that because the GCEDC iand the County Planning Board are currently promoting a 1340 acre industrial park in the town of Alabama that will, if it is "successful," quickly wipe out and then, slowly strangle agriculture in Genesee County.
According to Mr. Franclemont's article above, the Adams's business depends primarily on agriculture. He says, "Adams Welding and Fabrication serves the welding needs of local agricultural as well as home owners and Scott Adams Trucking provides transportation for agriculture. "
In a couple of weeks the town of Alabama residents will elect two new councilpersons to make decisions on this project, know as the WNY STAMP. The rest of Genesee County, especially folks such as the Adams brothers, should be paying attention since the Alabama Town council will make decisions that will promote or stifle their businesses.

It is most interesting that only one of the three candidates for these positions have even bothered to attend town meetings to find out about the issues they will soon be voting on! Only Kevin Fisher has regularly attended Town Council and Planning Board meetings for over a year so that he is familiar with the issues, background and feelings of the residents. The other two candidates, Dan Haas and Pam LaGrou have not attended meetings--even after they were endorsed by the Republican Party. The Democrats didn't even field a candidate and the Republicans nominated two that do not seem to be interested in town business enough to even attend meetings! (I am a registered Republican, albeit a very disappointed one.)
I wish the Adams brothers and all of the other agriculture-support businesses much success. If they're wise, they will start holding their tax-funded officials accountable for supporting their county's Comprehensive Plan which says it supports agriculture, too!

Mark Potwora
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Joined: May 14 2008

I say congrads and good luck...I agree with Lorna ....They are to be commended on taking a shot and growing there business..

Matt Hendershott
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Joined: Oct 13 2011

Good luck boys. Sorry to see you leave Bethany, glad to see you expand.

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