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Ok it is the Holiday season

First I want to start by saying happy holidays to everyone. I am writing this for a family I know. They are expecting their first child in January and they do not have any transportation. So during this time of year I am asking if anyone out there has a vehicale even with high miles that  they no longer need I ask of you to donate it to this family. They are really good people who have fallen on hard times and lots of personal battles, like alot of us have. It does not matter if its old or new. It just needs to run and have heat for the up-coming blessing from god. I know this is an odd thing to ask but but they are in need badly. If you have anything like this please let me know asap at [email protected].  And in advance I thank you for takeing the time out of your busy day to read this. I also ask ithat we please pray for them.  Thank you again and may GOD bless you and yours.

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