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High-end sushi restaurant coming to Batavia

Town planners approved a sign tonight for a new sushi restaurant that will reportedly open soon at 4140 Veterans Memorial Drive, Batavia.

The restaurant, YUME Asian Bistro, will be the third location for the owner, according to Dan Lang, the town's code enforcement officer. The other two are in New York City.

Everything about the new restaurant, Lang said, is first-class.

"The interior looks wonderful, actually," Lang said. "He did a beautiful job on the inside of it."

Lang said the owner is just about ready, and eager to open.

The location is next to Pawn King, two doors down from Jagged Edges Salon, across from Walmart.

His top chef from New York will open the restaurant and train the cooks and staff before returning to NYC.

"He wants to make sure he has somebody who takes care of the sushi the right way," Lang said.

The restaurant will also serve Thai food as well as other Asian dishes.

Lang described the new restaurant as "high end."

UPDATE: So, apparently, Batavia will have two sushi restaurants going by similar names. Josh Gaylord says that he filed for a DBA for Yume Sushi in June and then Yumi Asian Bistro filed in July. Gaylord is planning to open his restaurant at the former Delavan's location on Evans Street in the city.  He's previously held a Sushi night at Sweet Ecstasy Bakery and his sushi has gained a passionate local following.

Beth Kinsley
ekinsley's picture
Joined: Aug 22 2008

Sure - now that I've moved 500 miles away they open a nce sushi restaurant. Good luck to the new owners.

Ed Hartgrove
DeOldMan's picture
Joined: Dec 20 2012

Hey, Beth! 500 miles? In which direction? You know what the Proclaimers said - "But I would walk five hundred miles , And I would walk five hundred more ... "

But not in the snow Smile

Richard Richmond II
Richard Richmond's picture
Joined: Mar 29 2011

I’ll make an exception and not carp about a raw deal; especially if it delicious and particularly if the wasabi and ginger are fresh.

Beth Kinsley
ekinsley's picture
Joined: Aug 22 2008

Still in the snow Ed about 500 miles west of there. Right smack in the middle of this damn polar vortex.

barb king
Barb King's picture
Joined: Jan 29 2010

So... when is the expected opening? Waiting and hoping soon.

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