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Nature's babies learn survival instincts at an early age

It's that time of year when nature's youngsters begin coming into the world on a daily basis. This whitetail fawn has learned that remaining absolutely still and concealed is vital to its survival. A trio of us had been working a few scant feet away for nearly half an hour before noticing the newborn.

Just a few hours old, the fawn remained motionless in a residential flower bed while we spread mulch about its hideout. Once aware of its presence, we worked quickly, quietly and with little commotion as possible. Having completed the job, we moved on and the little one never flinched. No doubt mom was not far away, watching the entire time.

Mardell Lamb
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Joined: Apr 22 2009

Aaawww, Jim... that is such a darling picture. What a GREAT shot. Glad he/she didn't get frightened. (Smile.)

Jami Bartz
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Joined: Oct 27 2008

Awe, Dad, can we keep him? Smile
Great picture!
Sam stumbled, almost literally, upon one Monday while walking in the woods behind Bartz's. It was Casey and Emily's anniversary too....remember the day of their wedding the one in your neighbor's yard?

John Woodworth JR
Wooddawg914's picture
Joined: May 28 2009

As always Jim, great photographs. Keep it up.

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