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Is the icy grip of early spring beginning to yield? The critters seem to think so!

No sooner had the robins arrived when they discovered it might take a while before any worms were available. With their favorite staple somewhere far below earth's frozen layer, the robins had to make do elsewhere, like chilly sumac drupes.

Likewise, these starlings sampled the sumac.....this was not only the first time I had seen starlings eating sumac, it was the first time I remember starlings eating without making a noisy racket. Several dozen descended on the sumac trees and they hardly made a sound.

As the snow recedes, the whitetails aren't having to work so hard to find a meal.

For now yarding up is still commonplace -- warmer weather and greater food availability will result in herd dispersal.

From a distance I first thought this hawk to be a redtail.....the more I look I'm thinking its a rough-legged hawk.

Here it.s about to take flight.

Mourning doves have been showing up in vast numbers. This pair has been enjoying the spillage from our bird feeder.

With the snow all but gone, the red squirrels can get down to some serious foraging........

Score!!!!..................kinda looks like a meatball cookie with no icing!

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Joined: May 22 2009

Always enjoy your pictures Jim....thanks !!

Elizabeth Downie
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Joined: Nov 10 2009

We have a squirrel that loves to leave his/her walnut shells along our front porch railing and along my running boards on my truck. We know that s/he doesn't sit and eat them there, s/he just moves them there like they are up for display. Strange, but very neat! LOL!

Kathy Owen
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Joined: Aug 23 2009

As always, enjoy what you AND Claudia post. Got some nice Bluebird shots and deer at Iroquois last week. More nice bird and red squirrel shots at the County Park. Having fun!

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