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Weather forecast is for more of the same -- cold

It's a crisp, clear morning in Batavia with a temperature of 4 degrees.

Forecasters continue to call for a prolonged period of bitter cold with a mix of snow. Saturday, there's an 80-percent chance of a snow shower with temperatures rising to a balmy 24 degrees.

Photo: The O-AT-KA Milk plant.

Greg Rada
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Joined: Jan 8 2014

But isn't winter suppose to be cold? I remember going to school in -10 temps and blowing snow. Terms like polar vortex is nothing more than what was called a cold snap WHICH was an a typical winter. Not saying that's what's being said, just speaking generally.

Jason Post
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Joined: Aug 10 2012

Average Low for Batavia in January is 18. Today dawned at 4. We aren't predicted to exceed 18 until Saturday, which is 3 days out. It might not be big news, but I'd call that news.

Mardell Lamb
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Joined: Apr 22 2009

Go Vinny!

Great pic, Howard. Have always been amazed at the steam that comes from the plant as I travel from Pavilion to Batavia. On such cold days like now, it's even more impressive.

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