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Vehicle capable of rescues on ice or in water demonstrated for firefighters

City fire hosted a demonstration today at Dewitt Recreation Area of a rescue vehicle designed to handle snow, ice and open water to rescue people who might be stranded in dangerous conditions.

The vehicle is made of a snowmobile and a foam-filled platform that can keep it floating on water. Propulsion is created by the snowmobile's chain drive.

"It gives stability and a safety factor to firefighters that simply doesn't exist in any other vehicle," said Roger Bailey, CEO of WISE Technology, which is based in New Hampshire. 

This was the first demonstration of the vehicle in WNY.

The demonstration was set up by Bob Valvo of LVA Sales, a manufacturers' rep company with offices on Harverster Avenue.

The city has no immediate plans to purchase the vehicle.

Le Roy fire was also on hand for the demo.

Video by Alecia Kaus, Video News Service.

Billie Owens
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Would the Air Responder have been a useful tool in the swamp rescue in Alabama late last year?

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