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Vandals knock down eight more headstones, two urns at Elmwood Cemetery

Vandals have struck the Elmwood Cemetery for the third time in less than a month, this time knocking down eight headstones and two urns, according to Superintendent Steve Davis.

This time, the urn of the cemetery board president's father was knocked over, destroying a pot of fresh lilies.

According to Davis, a police investigator was able to get a picture of some fresh foot prints left in some dirt.


alvin tufts
al t's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2012

It is probably copycat vandals. Teens from across the county read the previous articles and want to see if they can get away with it.

Scott Ogle
Zbird's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2013

Hard enough to contemplate the wanton, stupid destruction. Harder still, contemplating the sad, empty hearts of the perpetrators.

David Horning
dhorning's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2008

Put some trail cams out there!

Raymond Richardson
RRichardson's picture
Joined: Aug 18 2012

Obviously these vandals are striking after dark, so get 2 or 3 people to be made up as zombies and hide behind larger headstones, and wait for them to come in, then jump out and scare the living shit out of them.

Or wait with a shotgun loaded with rock salt, which ever works for you.

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