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UMMC has yet to reach agreement with MVP on health insurance bought through the exchange

Press release:

United Memorial Medical Center, the only acute care hospital in Genesee County, has been excluded as an “in network” provider by the insurance company MVP for its Healthcare Exchange insurance products following several attempts by United Memorial to negotiate a reimbursement rate structure. It is important to note that this only pertains to the MVP plans available on the Exchange. United Memorial does have contractual agreements with MVP for all of their other commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid insurance products.

Adding to the confusion for individuals when selecting a plan, is that many Genesee County physicians are listed as part of the MVP network; including several United Memorial Medical Center employed physicians, while the hospital is not included as a facility.

“We are disappointed that our efforts to be included in the MVP network of providers have not been successful,” said Mark C. Schoell, CEO of United Memorial. “We will continue to work with MVP to bring this situation to positive conclusion.”

As part of the Affordable Care Act, people who do not have health insurance through their job, or cannot afford the plan offered by their employer, can use the “Healthcare Exchange” or “Marketplace” to compare plans and sign up. In New York State, residents are provided a list of insurance companies and plans to select from, based on their county of residence. There are several companies and a range of options available on the Web site: nystateofhealth.ny.gov. With the exception of MVP, United Memorial has contractual agreements with all insurance companies listed on the site for Genesee County. Those contracts include: Fidelis, Independent Health, Blue Cross of Western New York, and Univera. People have until December 23rd to purchase a plan through the exchange in order to have seamless healthcare coverage beginning January 1st.

Individuals in Genesee County, who are purchasing their healthcare insurance through the exchange, should make sure that their physicians and hospital facility are both included in the insurance company’s network. If not, their care may be viewed as out-of-network, and most of the exchange plans do not cover out-of-network care. Application counsellors are available at United Memorial to assist with process of signing up for healthcare insurance coverage and to answer questions. Please call (585) 344-5428 with any concerns.

United Memorial has never turned anyone away from receiving the care they need based on their ability to pay and remains committed to providing quality care to the residents of our region.

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NOTE: If you purchased MVP through the exchange (and only through the exchange), we might want to talk with you about your experience. E-mail howard@thebatavian.com

mike nixon
mnixon's picture
Joined: Jul 8 2011

Three greatest quotes of the New millennia!

" You can keep your current insurance"

" You can keep your doctor"

" Your insurance premiums will go down"

I guess the Congressman from South Carolina was right. " You Lie!"

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Bob Heininger
rheininger's picture
Joined: Oct 22 2010

I'm keeping the same insurance.

I'm keeping my doctors.

My premiums got cut nearly in half.

What lie is that to which you referring?

Mark Brudz
Markb's picture
Joined: Feb 9 2012

Again, people forget, there are five states where the ACA will result in lower insurance cost, New York is among them. That we are clearly seeing is not so in the remaining 45 states where in some case there is much as a 60% increase.

The reason and what these five states have in common, is that these states previously had the highest insurance premiums in the nation. So your savings Bob, is on the backs a the vast majority of the nation

This does illustrate however, my belief, that this should be a state by state issue, not a federal issue.

My opposition to the ACA has only marginally been about face cost of insurance, rather it was about hidden cost, that is the swelling of the Federal government machine and the inevitable bureaucracy that is going to arise from it.

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