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Two mailboxes in Village of Le Roy apparently blown up

A woman on Madison Avenue in Le Roy reported hearing two load bangs and when she went outside, she found that her mailbox and the mailbox of a neighbor had apparently been blown up.

Le Roy PD is responding.

Ed Hartgrove
DeOldMan's picture
Joined: Dec 20 2012

Madison Avenue in Le Roy? Is the 'sweet-water of UPPER CLASS' in Presidential Acres causing people to become violent? Maybe the Barbeau/McQuillen 'land-fued' is expanding. Sorta makes Pleasant Street look like a safe haven.

John Stone
Papa-san's picture
Joined: Jul 4 2008

Kids with more money and time than they have common-sense... If the people who lost their mailboxes want to replace them with more "durable" ones. let me know... The ones I build will take the 'wing' off of a snowplow whose driver just doesn't care...

Oh, and M-80's can only give 'em a smudge of color...

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