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Two Le Roy residents accused of selling fake NFL merchandise at Ralph Wilson Stadium

A pair of Le Roy residents were reportedly arrested in Erie County on Sunday for allegedly selling counterfeit NFL merchandise at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Charged with trademark counterfeiting were Kenneth Smith, 49, and Joshua Wyskiel, 31. Both men were taken into custody as part of a sweep of arrests of suspected fake NFL merchandise sellers.

From the Buffalo News:

Once the garments were identified as fake, Payne said he and fellow officers began making arrests throughout the Bills’ football season, with a “final sweep” of arrests Sunday.

“We started to see a lot of these unlicensed vendors walking around the stadium parking lots selling trademark counterfeit T-shirts and jerseys out of their backpacks,” Payne said. “The T-shirts were selling for $5 and the jerseys for $30. When somebody is purchasing a jersey, which normally sells for $100, that should be a clue it’s counterfeit.”

Henry Yasses
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Joined: Dec 13 2012

Wow...they must be really dumb to sell that stuff at the stadium.

C. M. Barons
C. M. Barons's picture
Joined: Jul 29 2008

Investigator Payne may describe the merchandise, "counterfeit." Those who purchased it, considered it affordable. ...Or, perhaps, apropos of a team without a playoff berth or a coach.

Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009

Upon further investigation, it was learned that Fitzpatrick is a counterfeit quarterback.

Tim Howe
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Joined: Jan 1 2009

LOL Bob!!!

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