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Tow-truck driver helps ID alleged hit-and-run driver

A tow-truck driver called to haul a damaged vehicle he was told had been involved in a deer accident helped the Sheriff's Office identify a driver allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident Dec. 30 in Bergen.

The driver had seen a post on The Batavian about the accident and the car he was asked to tow matched the description of the vehicle involved in the accident.

James Kavanagh, 24, of HIlton, was allegedly driving the car at the time of the accident. He was written tickets for misdemeanor leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, misdemeanor aggravated unlicensed operation, uninspected motor vehicle and failure to yield right of way.

The accident was investigated by Deputy Joseph Corona.

Raymond Richardson
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Joined: Aug 18 2012

Another unlicensed operation, i.e. driving on a suspended license.

This state, wants to legislate us to death on everything from toilet paper construction to proper nose picking devices.

Yet, they can't make it harder for someone to drive a car while their license is suspended.

It's real simple: Vehicle Seizure & Forfeiture.

If someone is found to be driving a car on a suspended license, or they had no license to begin with, the municipality seizes the vehicle, and the registered owner loses their property rights in the vehicle. The car is then put up for public auction and the money can be used for STOP DWI campaigns.

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