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Today's Poll: Who do you support in the NY-27 congressional district race?

Daniel Jones
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Joined: May 2 2008

I was very saddened to see that David Bellavia was defeated last night by the completely execrable Chris Collins. David Bellavia may have been a candidate that I disagree with, but at the end of the day integrity and honor matter. He showed outstanding skill and courage by going house to house to battle a hateful insurgency in Fallujah, and then again by taking on the status quo in WNY by launching this long shot campaign. Those experiences, especially leading America's greatest heroes into combat in a time of difficult war, qualified him for a seat in Congress much more than a failed term as County Executive. The left-right spectrum aside, Bellavia represented the very best of what we hope for in politics, while Collins represents the very worst. David Bellavia views public service as an honor, while Chris Collins views it as a personal right. I hope that David's supporters will take a strong look at Kathy Hochul, whom they will find disagreement with on some issues, but also a shared spirit and, if nothing else, the desire to make us 'brothers and countrymen once again'.

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