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Today's Poll: Have you started your Christmas present shopping yet?

Doug Yeomans
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Joined: Feb 13 2009

When my niece and nephews were little kids I bought things for them. I'm not a big fan of Christmas shopping for adults. My idea of the perfect Christmas is to gather friends and family, have some good food and beverages and play some cards. The biggest gift for me is to have everyone still alive and able to be together. I love watching the kids opening their presents, though. I like Christmas with lots of snow and colored lights and peace.

Irene Will
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Joined: Feb 2 2009

Well said, Doug - - I totally agree with everything you said

tom hunt
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Joined: Jan 31 2009

I do not participate in the yearly feeding frenzy called Black Friday. It is the lowest of human urges on public display.

Billie Owens
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Joined: Mar 23 2009

I went to Black Friday years ago at a huge mall called Fashion Valley in San Diego. By the time stores opened, the parking lot was nearly full and I had to park quite a distance from the mall. People get ugly sometimes when they are jockeying for a parking spot, and even uglier as the day winds down.

And I worked at a big department store called May Company on Christmas Eve one year in the perfume/gift section and it was just nuts. People were grabbing anything left worth buying and pushing and shoving in the line at the register.

The wonder of Christmas for children is the best thing about the holiday, and the fact that it's when the birth of Jesus is celebrated.

mike nixon
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Joined: Jul 8 2011

As of 945pm on 11/20/2012 we are done! This is the first time in 10 years that we have done this. Now we can focus on all the special times of the season, GOD, FAMILY, AND COMMUNITY. Jesus is the reason for the season. By the way comparing prices for the things we will gift, there was no real savings to wait for all the rush on Gray Thursday or Black Friday. We spent about 100 to 150 more than we should have, in my book not worth wading through 100's if not 1000's of people to get the shopping done.

Kyle Couchman
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Joined: Dec 25 2009

The places I buy gifts from dont concern themselves with advertising blitzes or opening on holidays and such. They are local and family owned and rely on caring for their products as much as their customers. I refuse to participate in this holiday orgy of financial gluttony.

mike nixon
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Joined: Jul 8 2011

Kyle well said. This whole thing about the shopping frenzy, or not being a part of it for that matter, is relatively new to us. I look forward to not entering the fray. I will admit that as soon as I finished my last post, I realized I didn't make our yearly trek to Adam Miller's Toy's. I will go, but it will be for leisure and not frenzy. I love the great board games they offer, from the old redux of the original Life or Monopoly, to the new off brand quick games they offer.

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