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Today's Poll: Do you support Cuomo's push for a property tax freeze?

david spaulding
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Joined: Sep 12 2011

this is just another smoke and mirror re-election tactic.... if it wasn't for the prince and his cronies in Albany handing down unfunded mandates to local governments, we could have froze property taxes years ago.. .. then telling me on television commercials that local governments need to consolidate......
Andrew , I can see right through you... you create the problem then blame someone else.....the sooner you retire and move to florida with your tax free pension the better.

Mark Potwora
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Joined: May 14 2008

When he says property tax freeze is that on rates or assessments.Its the increase in assessments that can be worst and cost a property owner more money then a 2% property tax increase..Taxes should not be based on the value of the asset you live in.Basing it on income is better then the system we have now..The best idea is to abolish all taxes of this kind..property and income, and go just a sales tax..This is just more BS from Coumo..He wants to freeze tax rates but at the same time has no plan to make up for tax breaks and exemptions he gives out...Ex.the school district can now give out exemption to veterans of up to 50% on school taxes..Who makes up that different..Or all the unfunded mandates he passes down to the local level to pay for...

Patrick Lyons
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Joined: May 26 2009

Smoke and Mirrors that's what this is.
Andy is in damage control mode.
Cuomo has lost a lot of votes in upstate NY because of the NY Safe Act.
And the way the “message of necessity” was used
to vote the bill into law in the dead of night
With little time for anyone to even read the bill.
The NY Safe Act was passed with no hearings,
no testimony, no time for opponents
to make a case to their legislators.

Ask yourselves this:
Are the citizens of NY winning or losing.

Vote for Rob Astorino this November

Cuomo's Gotta Go !

Shannon Laurer
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Joined: Apr 11 2010

I thought this was an informative read on a subject many seem ill informed of http://www.lonsberry.com/writings.cfm?story=3694 !

Jeff Allen
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Joined: Jun 5 2009

I have not found Lonsberry to be off target very often. Listen to him whenever I can.

Shannon Laurer
Shannon's picture
Joined: Apr 11 2010

I don't always agree with him but he definitely makes you look at things from a different perspective!

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