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Today's Poll: Do you support across-the-board federal spending cuts?

Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009

There are only two problems with these cuts: they don't go deep enough, and are not properly targeted.

When obama first proposed the sequester most of us thought that congress would never allow it to happen. They had two years to target fraud, waste, and mismanagement. Instead of addressing the problem, they punted and focused on doing nothing and each side blaming the other for their ineptness in handling the affairs of our nation.

The root of the problem lies with we voters. Everybody pisses and moans about our government - "except for my representative".

The only way out is for us to fire them all, start with new blood, new ideas, term limits,and the common goal of saving our nation as opposed to asving one's political ass.

And we all know it won't happen.

Brian Doktor
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Joined: Feb 8 2013

The only budget cut that should not be made is to our Military. They are already having to buy equipment and gear on their own to protect themselves. More jobs are going to be lost, the government (which seems to get a pay raise no matter what happens) will benefit and we as a nation will only succumb to what our elected leaders do. I agree with Bob ^^^ however, when will everyone vote to abolish this mess of a government we have.

Frank Bartholomew
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Joined: Apr 4 2010

We have enough military might to protect ourselves, we have got to stop policing the rest of the world.
Our troops wouldn't need to buy gear if they weren't deployed overseas.

Mark Brudz
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Joined: Feb 9 2012

In 1921, President Warren Harding pushed through The Budget Accountability Act which made it Law for the President to submit a budget every year.

In his first year of office, Harding cut the budget 25%, in his second year another 25%, he subsequently cut the new income tax by 25% and corporate income tax by 60-65%.

The effect was immediate, the deep recession of 1921 quickly turned into the roaring 20's, businesses flurried.

This was before the advent of BASE LINE BUDGETING which our government now uses. Harding's cuts were REAL CUTS!

My favorite Harding quote; "Less government in business and more business in government."

Even Keynesian economist were forced to admit that the depression of 1921 ended quickly and with no government stimulus largely due to Harding's budget and tax cuts, no intervention by the Federal Reserve totally unlike what is happening today.

What most people are un aware of is the Sequestration DOES NOT make REAL CUTS, it is merely a cut in growth. In reality, if Sequestration continues in it's entirety, our government will still be spending more than it did last year.

The real answer to prosperity is removing the Federal Government from as much of our lives as possible and allowing the States to deal with issues of a social nature. and the federal government limited to issues of foreign policy, arbitrating interstate commerce and defending rather than circumventing the constitution.

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