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Today's Poll: Are you hoping for more snow this winter than last?

Irene Will
Irene's picture
Joined: Feb 2 2009

There wasn't an " I don't care" choice so I voted 'no' just because I don't look forward to having to clearing out the driveway - - - - but I spent all summer at garage sales and thrift stores buying movies and books - and candles for when the power goes out - and I got a new snowblower - and all new snow tires on my car - so I'm READY if it comes. Let it snow!!!!!

Jason Crater
Jason C's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2009

We barely had any snow last year, so if we get less...it will be very green for the next few months. It strikes me as funny that so many people in WNY don't like snow.

You CAN pick where you live, you all know that, right?

mike nixon
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Joined: Jul 8 2011

Let it Snow, Let it SNOW, LET IT SNOWWWW! (in my best singing voice)

John Roach
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Joined: May 29 2008

I know the need for snow to help keep the water table up, but I loved last year's snow level and would be happy to have a repeat.

Bernie Thompson
Btrain's picture
Joined: Sep 11 2009

I say it's Western New York so Let It Snow.
Beside thanks to the Gang at Cedar Street Sales & Rental(Yes I buy Local)my Cub Cadet Snow Blower is ready to Rock & Roll.

Irene Will
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Joined: Feb 2 2009

bars that CATER to snowmobilers - - now THERE'S a good idea !!!!!

Jennifer Keys
Jennifer Keys's picture
Joined: Aug 18 2009

We need SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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