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Statement from Hochul on 'fiscal cliff' vote

Rep. Kathy Hochul voted yes on the "fiscal cliff" package passed yesterday by the House. Here is her statement of support for the package:

“Like most Western New Yorkers, I was frustrated and disappointed by the inability of Congress to reach a bipartisan agreement before the December 31st deadline. Only in Washington would political leaders use the security of our families and the strength of our economy as a bargaining chip to score political points. For more than a year, I have called for a bipartisan compromise that would extend the Bush tax cuts for individuals making up to $500,000. The package before Congress tonight is a significant step in that direction. More importantly, it represents the type of compromise necessary to protect Western New York families and businesses, avoid a recession, and move our country forward. I supported this package not because it was perfect, but because it represents the best option for our country at this time.”

John Stone
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Joined: Jul 4 2008

The system is broken... There is an old acronym that describes it quite PERFECTLY: F.U.B.A.R., OR "Fu*)(^d Up Beyond All Repair... Yet, the pinheads in DC still try to repair that which CANNOT be repaired.
The "cliff"... You know the one... That situation that the politicians created themselves in order to continue to foist upon us more of the 'dog-n-pony show' that is Washington D.C. They manufactured it, and use it to increase the tension among the masses, so that they could come up with some "solution" and make it look like they are actually doing something... Yeah, that one.)
The BEST first step this Republic could take would be the one that takes us over the edge of that "fiscal cliff". The LAWS of economics require balancing, and that WILL happen! They continue to try selling their fantasy to the public, and quite unfortunately, a vast majority of the ignorant believe what they are told regarding our nations finances. Every moment that they delay the inevitable only ensures the worsening of the consequences that MUST occur...
The "shut-down" of the federal government WILL be painful (and possibly fatal) to a significant percentage of the population, but ultimately would be the best thing that could happen. Yet the pundits continue to push the flawed idea that the solution is MORE government... How stupid do they think we are?!? (It's truly a pity, but the vast majority of our population really is this stupid and/or ignorant.)
I saw the perfect bumper-sticker the other day:
"Not Democrat, Not Republican
I am an American,
and I want my country back!"
The sooner they step back and let the house of cards collapse, the better it will be in the long run. The pain is inevitable, so they might want to minimize it as much as possible by letting it happen now rather than later!

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