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Semi rollover on Route 63, no injuries but traffic blocked

A tractor-trailer is on its side on Ellicott Street Road near Fargo Road. No injuries are reported but traffic is blocked. 

Traffic being shut down at East Road and at Texaco Town. 

Bethany and Stafford fire departments responding. Pavilion handling traffic at Texaco Town. 

It will be an hour before a heavy wrecker is on scene to right the truck.

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Joined: May 29 2008

I do not know exactly how many Truck mishaps we have had on is stretch of road. But it is many many. Some one has got to do something before we have a major loss of life. God forbid a school bus. This stretch of road has become a cutoff from the thruway for several years now. A "Past" study by the DOT determined that a large tractor trailer passes thru Pavilion on Rt 63 every minute 24/7. They are of no economical significance to the communities, just a threat, and cost. This road is NOT the thruway, and was never designed to be. I hope Mike Ranzenhofer, and Steve Hawley are reading this.

Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009

I would add that if the canal system became user supported instead of being paid for by Thruway tolls, tolls would be lower and maintenance better.

Becky Scroger
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Joined: Feb 10 2014

I would truly love to understand your philosphy that trucks are of no economical significance to the communities. Do you shop at all, especially locally? I can guarantee that pretty much anything you purchase will have spent some time in a 53 foot trailer that was brought to a distribition center or store by one of those threatening trucks. I also wonder, based on the volume of cars versus trucks, how many cars were also in an accident along that same stretch of highway. I recall lots of car accidents thru there also. It is just a rough road to travel in inclement weather.

It is incredibly frustrating when people want what those trucks bring but are not welcoming to the hard working truckers that will be away from their family for weeks in order to bring the commodity to you. The vast majority of truckers are very cautious drivers because our livelihood depends on having a good safety record.

Becky Scroger
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Joined: Apr 15 2009

Well said, Becky. Well said. Everyone complains about these big bad trucks, but yet, if these trucks quit delivering, where would we be?

Mardell Lamb
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Joined: Apr 22 2009

Two Becky Scroger's commenting ~ one on the other?

Becky Scroger
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Joined: Feb 10 2014

yes, she is my cousin's wife.

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