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Sean Vickers convicted in sexual abuse trial

It took a Genesee County jury all of 95 minutes to conclude that Sean Vickers did in fact molest five boys in Batavia over the several years prior to 2013.

The guilty verdict on five counts concludes a three-day trial in County Court.

Vickers, 45, will be sentenced at 10:30 a.m., Aug. 28 29.

The defendant stood motionless in a pressed black suit as the jury foreman was asked to recite the verdict on each of the five counts against Vickers.

Sodomy in the first degree: Guilty.

Sodomy in the first degree: Guilty.

Criminal sexual act in the first degree: Guilty.

Criminal sexual act in the first degree: Guilty.

Sexual abuse in the first degree: Guilty.

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Mary Pentycofe
Mary.P.'s picture
Joined: Jul 18 2014

So sorry for the victims and their families ... Thank god they have received some justice here.

Gary Spencer
Gary Spencer's picture
Joined: Feb 18 2009

I hope this guy gets the MAX!!!

Lorie Cook
Lorie Russo's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2009

Agreed! And I hope those children get counseling.

Raymond Richardson
RRichardson's picture
Joined: Aug 18 2012

They're going to love this guy in prison.

Adios scumbag!

Billie Owens
Billie Owens's picture
Joined: Mar 23 2009

Alas, he will be going to the special place with others just like him Sad

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