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P.W. Minor reportedly tells employees the business is closing

Executives at P.W. Minor, a locally founded, 147-year-old business, reportedly told employees today that the firm is closing July 31 and the workers will be out of their jobs.

Employees posted about the announcement on Facebook and The Batavian contacted two employees directly. One wouldn't comment, the other confirmed the announcement.

The shoe-manufacturing company was founded in 1867 by two Civil War veterans who originally called their company Minor Brothers Boots and Shoes.

The Batavian e-mailed P.W. Minor's CEO Wally Hinchey at about 6 p.m. seeking comment and has not received a response.

Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009

How many employees, Howard?

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Joined: Jan 15 2010

hi Howard ... look at my post on FB

Mark Potwora
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Joined: May 14 2008

Wally Hinchey..Is he the same Wally Hinchey that was just named chairman of the board for GCEDC....Hard to believe that this long standing company of Batavia can't be helped to find a new buyer....

Brian Graz
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Joined: Sep 18 2010

Yep, another nail in the coffin. Cuomo's got a Billion$ for Buffalo [mostly to save the Bills]... BUT Batavia ain't Buffalo.

Mary E DelPlato
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Joined: Jul 29 2008

how sad1 one of the last iconic industreis that made batavia what it once was....where will these employees go around here....i dont think wendys bk and mac donalds is hiring....oh and btw...these ppl may possibly fall on hard times.....yet will continue to find a way to pay their taxes....way to go molino adding yet another burden on the ppl who have chosen to stay in batavia....i miss the 70s...we had it goin on

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