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Photos: Yo Twisters, frozen yogurt shop, opens in Downtown Batavia

Batavia's new frozen yogurt shop, Yo Twisters, on Jackson Street, officially opened late this afternoon, and as soon as Mercedes Rivera, left, and Tesla Phelinger heard the shop was open they headed right down.

They had sampled the frozen yogurt before and couldn't wait to try it again.

At Yo Twisters, when a customer walks in, he or she is directed to the back the store where the frozen yogurt machines are -- 15 of them. You can mix and match any flavors you like, and then top with any of a large variety of toppings.  You then pay according to the weight of your cup. 

Elizabeth Downie
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Joined: Nov 10 2009

My family and I were SO upset to see Salsa & Curry gone and have since settled on Rancho Viejo (which does not compare!), but this Yo Twisters place seems like a gold mine! I can't wait to try it out! I may just go there for lunch today!!

Herbert Neal
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Joined: Jul 23 2009

February 2014 Yo's closes

May 2014 Yo's reopenes as Yo's & Rolls (yogurt and bakery)

Sept. 2014 Yo's & Rolls closes

December 2014 Pizza & Spices opens

Does anyone else see a pattern here?
And, S&C never honored the Gift Cert. that were issued "their" previous company!


I wonder does that yogurt have a sour taste?

Lincoln DeCoursey
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Joined: Nov 5 2008

Fantastic photos. Explosive color.

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