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Photos: Tree removal in Centennial Park

Contractors were in Centennial Park this morning cutting down trees that a city staffer told me were targeted for removal because they were diseased. Three or four trees were cut down to a bare stump. The stumps will be removed at a later date.

Billie Owens
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Joined: Mar 23 2009

I always am disheartened when big, lovely, old trees are destroyed for any reason. The fact that these were diseased is concerning but not uncommon. I've read that the ash borer and Japanese longhorn beetles are wreaking havoc in these parts. I wonder if they led to the demise of these trees in the park?

I captured what I believe to be an ash borer beetle in, of all places, my bathroom, and put it in a little plastic container which I plan to take to the Cornell extension to see if they can identify it. I shudder to think that the beautiful trees in my backyard and those of my surrounding neighbors could be in jeopardy. They add so much to the ambiance and are valuable for real estate. I haven't read up on what to do about an infestation, though.

Mary E DelPlato
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Joined: Jul 29 2008

agree Billie they keep pollution down...wonder how bad they were....maybe they can shellac the stumps and usin for sitting

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