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Photos: Kistner employees in leadership class playing a team building game

Employees of Kistner Concrete were outside the County Courthouse this afternoon, using the sidewalk along the Tonawanda, for a team building exercise. The goal was to roll a ball through a series of half-tubes down the length of the sidewalk until it was successfully dropped in a basket. Each team member had to advance the ball and then move to the end of the line and wait for the ball to roll to their position again.

The leadership program is sponsored by the University at Buffalo. 

Scott Ogle
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Joined: Jun 27 2013

Gee whiz. Is this how Alexander conquered the known world? Was this exercise on Caesar's mind when he crossed the Rubicon? Is this how Carnegie forged his steel? Or how Hearst sold his hackery, or Reagan his puffery? Is this how William Jennings Bryan sold his soap? Was this the sort of team-building that allowed the allies to defeat both the Japanese and German empires at one go?

However did we win the war?

Just for laughs. . .


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