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Photos: Christmas lights in Batavia, Dec. 20

Tonight, I took another drive around Batavia taking pictures of homes with Christmas light displays. Again, I tried to concentrate on homes that possibly I hadn't photographed before, though I believe their are a few duplicates. While I haven't been down every street in the city this year, I have, at this point, been through all the neighborhoods. Sorry if you have a great light display this year and I didn't get to it. To purchase prints of these photos click the "visit gallery" link in the slide show.

Elizabeth Downie
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You should check out the Brooks Family lights, a local light show at the east end of Batavia on Route 5 (their schedule can be found at www.brooksfamilylights.com - they do Halloween light shows, too!). We go there as much as we can... and then we visit Fargo Road on the way back home... it's loads of fun!

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