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Photo: Swan on the Tonawanda

A reader alerted us Saturday that she had seen a swan on the Tonawanda Creek earlier behind Settler's. Sure enough, we found this big white bird hanging out with the geese.

Robert Brown
dtbb's picture
Joined: Nov 20 2012

I tweeted you that on Friday! What an impressive bird - I was happy to have seen it while out walking!!!

Richard Richmond II
Richard Richmond's picture
Joined: Mar 29 2011

Swans are definitely one of my favorite birds as are ducks and blue herons and to see them in the wild does my heart good.

Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote:

I looked in my heart while the wild swans went over.
And what did I see I had not seen before?
Only a question less or a question more;
Nothing to match the flight of wild birds flying.
Tiresome heart, forever living and dying,
House without air, I leave you and lock your door.
Wild swans, come over the town, come over
The town again, trailing your legs and crying!

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