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Photo: Caravan of antique vehicles passes through Batavia on way to auto show

If you noticed a parade of antique vehicles heading through town today, they're all owned by Pat Thorp (pictured) and his father Nelson Thorp of East Bloomfield. It's a portion of their 22-vehicle collection.

The caravan was on its way to the University at Buffalo for a classic car show. We caught up with it at West Main Mini Mart.

The ladder truck is a 1949 American Le France, bought new by the City of Canandaigua for $26,000 and was in service until 2008. 

The woody is a 1940 Plymouth and is only one of 17 known in existence. 

The pickup truck is a 1937 Plymouth and has won multiple national awards.

The jeep is a 1952 Willies Army Jeep. That was the last year that model was made.

Pat Thorp said the vehicles will be passing back through Genesee County some time after 4:30 p.m. Saturday, if you want to try and catch a glimpse of these classics.

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Pulled up next to the Pick-up and the Jeep this morning at the Oak Street light.....nice !!

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