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Photo: Aerial view of Byron

John Spaulding, a photographer in Livingston County, sent us this picture that he took last week while flying over Genesee County.

NOTE: Headline changed.

Dave McCarthy
pdm115's picture
Joined: Jan 5 2010

Looks like Byron.

Scott Blossom
Scott Blossom's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2012

As a South Byron resident, I can easily confirm that this is Byron. Mr Spaulding needs to double check his map.

Jason Crater
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Joined: Aug 25 2009

If he was flying in an easterly or westerly direction, and took the picture out the side window of his airplane, he could be simultaneously flying over South Byron whilst taking a picture of Byron.

This would render the headline of the post inaccurate but the description of the photo accurate.

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