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Pembroke man accused of illegally possessing four handguns

A convicted criminal in Pembroke was allegedly found in possession of four handguns during the execution of a search warrant at his residence Wednesday.

Members of Local Drug Enforcement Task Force were assisting Batavia PD detectives with the search at a home on Allegheny Road when the guns were allegedly found.

The original reason for the search warrant or why it was a Batavia PD case was not released.

Charged with criminal possession of a weapon, 3rd, a Class D felony, is 59-year-old Frederick J. Hensel Jr.

Hensel has a prior criminal conviction, according to the Sheriff's Office, and did not have pistol permit.

Hensel was arraigned in Darien Town Court and jailed on $25,000 bail.

Mark Brudz
Markb's picture
Joined: Feb 9 2012

"Hensel has a prior criminal conviction, according to the Sheriff's Office, and did not have pistol permit."

Kind of makes we wonder how making gun laws tougher on people who go through the permit process or who can legally obtain guns has anything to do with preventing this.

He had no permit and a criminal recordyet he was able to obtain 4 handguns, I assure you he didn't buy them at Barrett's

Tim Miller
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Joined: Jun 20 2010

However, we now have a convicted criminal that has 4 fewer guns, thanks in part to the tougher gun laws.

May not be able to keep them all out of the hands of scum, but if it lessens the amount in the scums' hands, it is worth it.

John Roach
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Joined: May 29 2008

"Tougher" laws had nothing to do with it. Convicted criminals have not been allowed to have firearms for decades.

Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009

Tim, would you restrict my right to possess firearms? How would that prevent a criminal from owning and possessing firearms illegally?

As in most cases, "follow the money". Increased restrictions on firearms possession simply makes the black market more lucrative.

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