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Pasquale's already a big hit with Batavians

The New York Times writer Eliane Sciolino says, "the perfect bistro is a place where the dishes are traditional, the ingredients seasonal, the service attentive, the price acceptable and my relationship with the chef close enough that I can visit the kitchen when the meal is over."

Welcome to Pasquale's.

Mama Fasano promised us an intimate eatery filled with the treasures of family and the recipes of generations served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

She's kept her promise.

The restaurant, at 341 Ellicott St., opened two months ago -- lunchtime only -- and is packed every afternoon.

It's the perfect kind of small lunch place for Batavia -- Italian classics such as ravioli, chicken cacciatore, tripe soup, pasta fazool, prepared and served by a longtime, local family, seated among your friends and neighbors (if you know anybody in Batavia at all, you'll run into people you know at Pasquale's).

The menu features a regular rotation of daily specials, plus a select few daily standards (for example, pasta and meatballs, of course, or beans and greens). Everything is fresh and homemade and as delicious as it looks. For your sweet tooth, try the cheesecake, which is thin and scrumptious, and comes with a dollop of real whipped cream on the side.

Batavia is blessed with a bounty of excellent, locally owned restaurants. Pasquale's is another great addition.

marshall atkinson
marsh atkinson's picture
Joined: Jun 1 2010

I understand the new restaurant part, the "re-tooling/refurbishment" of the building, etc. The part that I can't understand is the painting OVER a mural of a Viet Nam Veteran collage on the side of the building. Something wrong with it; needed 'touching up'; you didn't like helicopters?, or---perhaps UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VETERANS, who put their lives on the line there, and thousands gave their's in order for you to have the FREEDOM to establish your business there? Well, it's just my opinion however, I thought it looked appropriate and respectful. And in also so saying, my feet will never cross the threshold there, even if it were the last restaurant in Batavia to go out to eat at! Respectfully submitted, M.C. Atkinson(Viet Nam Vet).

DICKIE's picture
Joined: May 22 2009

Simply put Marshall.....The times they are a changin'. Those same UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN VETERANS, fought to give people the freedom of choice. Perhaps the mural was more appropriate for the corner bar, rather than a family orientated restaurant. The owners made their choice.

I haven't been to Pasquale's yet, but from all I've heard, you're going to be missing out on something special. But that's your choice. See how that works?

Thank you for your service sir.

Greg Rada
Greg Rada's picture
Joined: Jan 8 2014

It is a little sad that the painting is gone, but it is their property.
I think the important part of this is that here's a family that wanted to start a brand new business in out town, in fact our STATE! And despite all the headaches and hassles they didn't just manage to get it going down a good track, it's booming!

There is a level of integrity that is profoundly amazing. The Fasono's are admirable members of our community. Especially the brother who, as retired civil servants, are still working hard in their community.

From the food to the care for their guests - there is a passion and a standard that they follow to the letter. I am immensely honored by having a chance to work for this family, for them to teach me their family recipes, and to be included in such a loving & caring dynamic.

Batavia is very blessed to have such a family and business.

John Roach
John Roach's picture
Joined: May 29 2008

I know a lot of vets. They are sorry the painting is gone, but none think the new owners should have spent their money to keep it either.

Maybe Mr. Atkinson could do a fundraiser and offer to have the mural redone?

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