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More jobs, more unemployed in Genesee County, according to November 2012 labor stats

There are more jobs in Genesee County, but a higher unemployment rate locally, according to statistics released today by the Department of Labor.

In November 2012, there were 29,300 jobs in the county, compared to 29,000 a year ago.

However, the county's unemployment rate went up slightly year-over-year from 7.3 percent to 7.4 percent. That translates into 2,400 people counted as unemployed in November 2012 compared to 2,300 a year ago.

Rochester's unemployment rate went from 7.2 percent to 7.4 percent and Buffalo also saw an increase from 7.5 to 7.9 percent.

Orleans County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state at 10.1 percent.

Cheryl Wilmet
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Joined: Dec 10 2011

Who gets a big bonus for "creating" jobs in Genesee County?

mike nixon
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Joined: Jul 8 2011

It was about a year and a half ago, an organization I am involved with was in the market for a book keeper. We began the process of interviewing potential candidates. After several interviews we shortened the list to 3 people. The most qualified was available because, as he stated he was currently unemployed from down sizing and recieving unempoyment benefits.

When we offered the job, he stated and I quote " I WOULD LIKE TO WAIT, I STILL HAVE ABOUT 8 MONTHS LEFT ON UNEMPLOYMENT"

We were decidedly paying him more than he was recieving from the State. This is were I was ready to scream.....

People on the panel wanted to wait for this guy............ I was like NO FREAKIN WAY!!!! Im pretty sure that is exactly what I said.

I wonder how many people out there are like this guy was? SMH

Will Hakes
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Joined: Jun 20 2008


Did your organization wait to hire the "candidate"?

Raymond Richardson
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Joined: Aug 18 2012

Mike, no doubt he could make more money working for you, or any job for that matter; however, he also could be making more collecting unemployment, and working under the table at the same time, that what your salary offer was.

Food for thought!

J.C.'s picture
Joined: Oct 7 2010

It is way to easy to receive unemployment benefits.

IE: Had a guy working for me for less than a year, he voluntarily quit his job at our company (making $16 per hour) and excepted another job, he left under good terms. I had to hire a full time person to take his place. He got fired from this other job for poor work ethics, we are now paying unemployment for him. I tried to dispute the unemployment but was told to call him personally and offer him his job back. I told unemployment, I was forced to hire a full time person to replace his position. He is now receiving unemployment benefits from my company.

This is not a isolated example I've encountered with unemployment.

Another example: Had a guy working for me for just over a year, again voluntarily quit under good terms, moved to Florida, started working under the table for an automotive repair facility and I am paying unemployment for him also. Tried to depute that also and was told to call him and offer him his job back which had been filled.

I was always under the impression, that if you voluntarily quit a job you are not eligible to collect unemployment benefits. NOT TRUE!!! The only good that came out of these 2 bad experiences is that I replaced both these jerks for 2 of the best employees I could ever ask for.

mike nixon
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Joined: Jul 8 2011

No, we did not wait. It turns out that, of course after I lobbied for the laziness this reeked of, that we couldnt wait for 8 months and we really needed to do this now. On a side note, we did not go with any of the finalists. We ended up hiring from within. Always a good measure and she is awesome!

Our offer to the new was for about $100 more than he wound have recieved under the unemployment benefit. UNREAL!?!

Jay Terkel
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Joined: May 9 2009

It has always been that way, and it will never change.
Some people feel that they will collect unemployment and are better off, because they save in the long run.
If you don't go to work, you save on gas and lunches, etc. And some people will get away with working under the table.
The system sucks
We should require people on unemployment to do hours of community service for their pay.
But other people, like me...
I have been self employed for 30 years. I don't make a fortune in my business. I used to spend my weekdays taking children's portraits, but now mostly photograph weddings on weekends.
During most of the last 30 years, I have worked other jobs. My most resent was as a teacher aide at a public school full time for the last seven years. My position was cut, along with 5 others.
All of the other 5 were able to collect unemployment, except me. Even though the aide job was my main income, because of having my own business, I could not get unemployment.
Then to put the icing on the cake, 3 weeks after I was cut, my wife lost her job, which was due to the store closing. She found a new position fairly quickly though.
Oh well life goes on

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