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Monroe County attorney arrested at basketball game faces reduced charges


Legal charges against a Monroe County attorney and school board trustee accused of causing a ruckus at a basketball tournament in Batavia were reduced by the District Attorney's Office today.

John Parrinello, an appointed member of  Monroe County Community College Board of Trustees, now faces charges of trespass as a violation and two violations of disorderly conduct.

The charges stem for an Dec. 12 incident at Genesee Community College when Parrinello allegedly hassled a referee during a college women's basketball game and then refused to leave the gym when ordered by security. He was arrested after a State Trooper arrived and Parrinello allegedly failed to follow his instructions about which exit to use as he left the gym.

The original misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass, 3rd, were dropped, but not without Parrinello making a stink about the change.

"I want to know what's happening with the criminal trespass, 3rd, charge?" Parrinello asked while standing before Justice Michael Cleveland. "That's why I was handcuffed, cutting my wrists, put in a patrol car, had my mugshot (taken) and published in all the newspapers."

Assistant District Attorney Melissa Cianfrini kept trying to explain that the charges were being amended and Perrinello repeatedly interrupted her.

Cianfrini asked for a short recess to make a phone call and Perrinello complained that he had been waiting for the case to be called for two hours and didn't want to wait any longer.

Cleveland allowed Cianfrini to make her call and she returned and explained that she would submit the new charges and ask Cleveland to drop criminal trespass charge.

Perrinello's attorney, Batavia-based Lisa Kroemer, asked that the charges be dropped without prejudice and Cianfrini objected.

Kroemer said that in order to prepare for trial and make proper motions, she and her client needed to know that the misdemeanor charge wouldn't be refiled.

Cleveland said he would drop the charge without prejudice, which means the charge can be refiled.

The reason the lesser charges were filed, Cianfrini said, is that after a review of statements, evidence and interviewing witnesses, the reduced charges were more appropriate.

Kroemer refused to answer questions after the hearing, but Parrinello spoke briefly with reporters before getting in his Cadillac and driving away.

"They knew, or should have known, that what they arrested me for was not a proper charge,” Parrinello said, adding, "I'm presumed to be innocent. They have to prove me guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which they'll never do."

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Joined: May 22 2009
Reading the original story of an attorney being arrested, you just had to know, that this was going to turn into a circus. Stay tuned, more at 11.
Kevin Squire
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Joined: Nov 13 2008
Shouldn't this be a fine and see ya.....I hope this extending this minor offense isn't costing the taxpayers of genesee county some more money!!!!!
Gary Spencer
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Joined: Feb 18 2009
What happened to the "no name calling" rule?
Peter O'Brien
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Joined: Mar 4 2009
So why didn't the DA have her ducks in a row before this case was called?
Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009
Hey Parrinello: Simply apologize to GCC and get them to drop the trespassing charges. Wait 3 years for the statute of limitations to run out and sue them! Your behaving like a child on their premises was THEIR fault by leaving the door unlocked. Get Paul Shanahan to represent you. It's the PC thing to do these days.
bud prevost
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Joined: Jan 11 2009
Ok, how about he is a gentleman who displays narcissistic characteristics and he enjoys being the center of the media attention? He has been a figure displayed on Rochester NY media for as long as I can remember. And his conduct and behavior has been well documented.
Dave Olsen
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Joined: Oct 12 2008
How about suspending the name-calling rule for out of town attorney/politicians who act like jerks when in our town?
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