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Membership in The Batavian Club just keeps getting more and more valuable

People ask me from time to time why we created The Batavian Club. The simple reason is, it's all about creating an ongoing business.

A newspaper makes money from retail advertising, from classified advertising and subscription fees.

For an online news site, we already know people are no longer willing to pay for classified ads and they don't want to pay for news.

Typically, then, that leaves one revenue source for an online news site: advertising.

Billie and I very much appreciate the revenue we get from our sponsors. It has allowed us to keep up with our bills and hire a single employee. We would like to hire more people, but the advertising pie is going to get only so big (and it's probably as big as it's going to get now).

That's where you come in: Help support The Batavian by becoming a member. The membership fee is less than a typical newspaper subscription.

Here's our promise of what we'll do for you in return: Not only will we work to make The Batavian better, we'll work to bring you real member benefits, primarily in the form of savings at local businesses.

Tonight we e-mailed coupons from three local businesses -- Valle Jewelers, West Main Wine and Spirits, and Southside Deli -- to our current members.

With these three coupons, plus the discounts previously available, members have achieved a potential savings of more than $50 (not counting the free calendar for annual members).

Here's the exciting part: We're working with local businesses to bring you even more savings. We are developing a membership package that will include gift certificates to local businesses. So far, 11 local businesses have agreed to participate. The total value of the gift certificates so far is $173. Over the next few weeks, I'll talk with more local business owners about participating (We'll announce details of the membership program in January; the first membership packages will go out when we reach 100 members (we're at 58 now)).

So, already, we can tell you, a membership in The Batavian Club more than pays for itself. If you love The Batavian, as many of you tell me everyday that you do, please help us become even better.

Here's how to JOIN:

Join via PayPal below, or for annual and one-time memberships paid by check or credit card, click here to download this form (monthly, recurring payment memberships must be via PayPal or credit card. To pay by credit card, use the form, or call (585) 250-4118.

Monthly Single Membership - $5 per month
Includes membership card and bumper sticker and entry into iPod Nano drawing.


Monthly Household Membership - $10 per month
Includes two membership cards and two bumper stickers and entry into iPod Nano drawing.


Annual Single Membership - $50 per year
Includes membership card, bumper sticker and entry into iPod Nano drawing.


Annual Household Membership - $100 per year
Includes two membership cards and two bumper stickers and entry into iPod Nano drawing.



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