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Man who admitted to stealing debit card sentenced in County Court

A Batavia man who admitted in February that he stole a debit card to make purchases over the Internet told Judge Robert C. Noonan today that he's turned his life over to Jesus.

Bruce J. Brade, 33, of Galloway Road, read from a long, typed-written statement that ended with his request for leniency. 

Within terms of his plea deal, Noonan sentenced him to six months intermittant jail time and five years probation.

That settles a case from January in which Brade was arrested on charges of identify theft, 2nd, and grand larceny, 4th.

He still faces future prosecution for allegedly stealing checks from his grandmother over the course of several months in 2013 while he was living with her. The value of the checks allegedly totaled $3,680.

Brade told Noonan that he knows he's done wrong and that he's hurt people. He said he's sold many personal items in order to make restitution to his victims and intends to pay back every dime he stole. He said he relies on his relationship with God to move forward and three men in his church who mentor him and hold him accountable. He said he's enrolled full time in a four-year college and has applied to a nursing school.

He's also receiving guidance and a counseling through the Veterans Court and is involved with the VA. He's receiving tuition assistance through his G.I. Bill of Rights.

"I take full responsibility for my stupid choices," Brade said.

He said he hates jail and never wants to go back. He said he doesn't understand why some people who have been in jail get themselves in trouble again.

Noonan said he found the Probation Department's pre-sentence report on Brade "rather interesting." The report says Brade is disingenuous about some of his statements, according to Noonan.

Probation, the judge said, "is probably a good way to ensure you're supervised."

Doug Yeomans
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Joined: Feb 13 2009

I recently heard a judge (Judge Bender) tell another thief how he has seen people in trouble miraculously find god, but when their troubles have passed, they go right back to their old ways. He said to Sarah Manchester in Seneca county court: "I'll take your apology with a grain of salt. The real difference will come when I see what you do over time." (Not a verbatim quote) Sarah got 30 days in the pokey and 5 years of probation, also.

George Richardson
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Joined: Jun 6 2012

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Christ I hate jail, save me please. Help, Mary please ask Jesus to ask his daddy God and Casper the Holy Ghost to get me out of this mess that the devil made me do. Amen.

alvin tufts
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Joined: Jun 22 2012

So this is the type of people Jesus attracts? I better keep my distance.

Billie Owens
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Joined: Mar 23 2009

Jesus welcomes everyone, including the worst of the worst, Alvin. He hung out with whores and lepers, thieves, liars, murderers and God knows who else. The shephard can lead, but it's up to the follower to follow.

Doug's comments remind me of an old Burt Reynolds movie I saw, back when he was funny not just creepy, and at one point his character is way out at sea and struggling to swim to shore. He makes urgent and dire pleas beseeching God to help him get to shore. He swears again and again how he will become a better person and help others. The closer he gets to land, the shorter the pleas, the fewer the promises. By the time he touches bottom, there's nary a thank you. Once on safe ground, he doesn't seem to need or want Divine Intervention and he goes right back to things that got him in the drink to start with.

maureen platek
mojangles69's picture
Joined: Dec 22 2009

To sum it all up, "actions speak louder than words."

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