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Man involved in scrap metal heist given 18 months in federal prison

One of four men caught in the act by Sheriff's deputies using a logging truck to steal scrap metal in 2009 in Corfu was sentenced in Federal Court yesterday.

Anthony Toscano, 48, who at the time of his arrested listed his address as 918 S. Goodman St., Rochester, will serve 18 months in federal prison for his part in the heist and pay $4,669.26 in restitution.

Toscano was convicted following a two-week jury trial of conspiracy to steal an interstate shipment and theft of an interstate shipment in September 2012.

Also convicted were Richard E. Riedman, 39, 542 Klem Road, Webster, Anthony J. Russell, 39, of 75 Snug Harbor Court, Rochester, and Timothy M. Stone, 23, 3735 Chili Ave., Rochester.

Riedman, Russell and Stone have not been sentenced.

Also arrested that night and convicted separately was Christopher H. Monfort, 41, of 113 Pine St., East Rochester.

All five men were observed by Sheriff's deputies using a logging truck to take processed and bailed scrap metal that was scheduled for shipment to a steel mill in Pennsylvania from Ed Arnold Scrap Processors. The deputies followed the truck into Batavia and stopped it in a well-lit area.

Riedman and Stone were indicted in April 2011 on federal racketeering charges for their part in an alleged plot to help 62-year-old James Henry McAuley Jr. (aka "Mitch"), an alleged Hell's Angel vice president, avoid apprehension for an alleged assault on a person viewed as a threat to the motorcycle club.

We have no information at this time on the status of that case.

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