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Local business owner looking for the person who stole pallets from behind his store

The owner of Eastown Beverages, Paul Parise, is hoping readers of The Batavian can identify the owner of this truck.

According to Parise, somebody driving this truck stole pallets from outside his business at 563 E. Main St., Batavia. He also wonders whether the same person may have tried to break into his store two weeks ago.

Batavia PD has an open investigation on the case, according to Officer Jamie Givens, but no suspects.

Anybody who might have information useful to the investigation are asked to call Batavia PD at (585) 345-6350.

Mark Brudz
Markb's picture
Joined: Feb 9 2012

That German Shepard sticking his head out that window is going to have to reap at least a short list of suspects.

Gary Spencer
Gary Spencer's picture
Joined: Feb 18 2009

Turn yourself in man!! They'll go easy on you!!

Kevin Squire
klsquire's picture
Joined: Nov 13 2008

Got to be able to enhance that license plate.......hope you catch them!!!!!

Doug Yeomans
DougYeomans's picture
Joined: Feb 13 2009

Watching too much CSI?

Robert Tretter
Robert Tretter's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2009

Just a little information on the case. Subject turned himself into police. Paul Parise was very understanding and very lenient this time.

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