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Le Roy FD shows off community pride with Oatkan Knights logo on trucks

Press release:

With the arrival of the fire department's new rescue truck the Le Roy Fire Dept. truck committee, with permission from commissioners, wanted to place a new decal on our apparatus to show our support to the community. What better way than through our kids... we decided to go with the school logo.

With the assistance from Principle Tim McArdle, who was able to send us the school logo, we then forwarded it to the company that letters all our apparatus and they were able to match the correct size and make the logo reflective.

The first set of decals arrived and was placed on the new rescue about a week ago and the others should be on shortly. The truck was brought to the school on April 21. Pictured below with the truck is Principle McArdle, Vice Principle Linda Lowe, Athletic Director Brain Moran and Coach Moran 3rd period gym class. Thank you to everyone involved and GO KNIGHTS!!!

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