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Law and Order: Man accused of not putting children in child restraint system prior to accident

Samuel R. Smith, 27, of Townline Road, Bergen, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Smith was allegedly involved in a motor vehicle accident at 9:22 a.m., Sunday, and his children, ages 7 months and 3, were not secured in any sort of child restraint in the back seat at the time of the collision. The arrest report did not indict whether the children were injured or not.

Amanda Ann Mull, 29, of Mill Street, Akron, was arrested on bench warrants related to charges for aggravated unlicensed operation and following too closely. Mull is accused of failure to appear on the charges. She was arrested following her release from the Erie County Jail where she was held on unrelated charges. She was arraigned in Town of Batavia court jailed on $300 cash bail or $500 bond.

John Woodworth JR
Wooddawg914's picture
Joined: May 28 2009

Just another nut that, should been severed before birth. I can really care less if, you choose to endanger yourself but, when it involves children think, think, think! A child especially at those ages do not know when something is dangerous or for their own good. This individual should be sent to parenting classes since, he has displayed that he does not know how to be a good and protective parent.

Ed Hartgrove
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Joined: Dec 20 2012

John: I kind of understand your frustration, but I think your last sentence would be a much better response than the first sentence.

Severed before birth?

I'm wondering if you would've had a different response, say, back before child-restraint seats were mandatory. I mean, back in the 60's & early 70's, safety seats were available, but, just like adult seatbelts, not everyone believed in them and used them.

So, I was just wondering if you can look back and say those people should've been "severed before birth"? Yes, I think maybe parenting classes might be in order. Just got to wondering how many people that I know might not have existed, had your thoughts on who should have been aborted were followed.

Kyle Couchman
Kyle C's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009

Ed its not really fair to judge something happening today, by standards of the 60's and 70's dontcha think? Back then communications were slow, we didnt even have 24hr news stations, even on the radio. Today so much is commonplace, your average 27 yr old knows about who his or her favorite movie star is cheating with or who got arrested for what within minutes of it happening. The chances of him not knowing about child restraints is slim to none. He made a conscious decision to endanger these children. Thats what John is talking about.

Thats like comparing a responce to todays snowfall by the standards of the 20's and 30's. Its an excercise in futility ....

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