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Jury returns not guilty verdict on three felony counts against Batavia teen

Following a week-long trial that ended Friday, a Batavia resident was found not guilty on three felony counts stemming from an allegation he forced a victim to engage in sexual acts.

Kyle H. Morse, 17 at the time of his arrest a year ago, was, however, found guilty on a single misdemeanor count of sexual misconduct.

The grand jury indictment on that count accused Morse of engaging in oral sexual conduct with another person without that person's consent, and the person was deemed incapable of consent by virtue of being less than 17 years old.

The jury returned not guilty verdicts on counts of criminal sexual act in the first degree, sexual abuse in the first degree and criminal sexual act in the third degree.

Morse is scheduled to appear for sentencing on the misdemeanor conviction April 10.

david spaulding
chunky's picture
Joined: Sep 12 2011

has to be more to the story than what we are being told... does anyone know if the victim was the girlfriend of this kid when he was accused of these crimes?

DICKIE's picture
Joined: May 22 2009

Almost seems like the jury HAD to get him for SOMETHING ?

On the other hand, I guess you could say, he got away by the skin of his teeth !!!
(couldn't resist)

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