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Incident on Highland Park leads to the arrest of brothers

Jason Sherman Carl Sherman

An investigation into what was initially reported as a possible hostage sitation on Highland Park, Batavia, yesterday has led to the arrest of two men on criminal charges.

Carl I. Sherman, 34, of Rochester is charged with menacing, 2nd, a misdemeanor, and Jason P. Sherman, 35, of Batavia, is charged with strangulation, 2nd, and assault, 2nd, both felonies.

Carl was jailed on $5,000 bail and Jason was ordered held without bail.

The incident that brought police to Highland Park was reported around 1 p.m.

When Sgt. Dan Coffey arrived on scene, he was informed that a woman was possibly being held against her will by a person with a weapon inside a residence at 12 Highland Park.

Witnesses reported seeing a person with a handgun and that another male was carrying a baseball bat to use as a possible weapon.

A woman inside the residence was reportedly providing this information to a third party outside the residence.

Coffey called for backup and reported the possible hostage situation. Uniformed and plain clothes members of the Batavia PD and Sheriff's Office, along with State Police responded.

Nearby residents were asked to either shelter in place or congregate in the St. Anthony's parking lot for their own safety.

After nearly an hour, four people came out of the residence without incident and surrendered to police.

All four people were interviewed by investigators.

It's alleged that Jason was involved in a domestic incident Sunday with a woman at the residence and she sustained a fractured wrist and broken bone in her neck.

Yesterday, Jason's brother, Carl, allegedly went to the residence and threatened the woman with a baseball bat during an argument.

Police have not released details on whether a firearm was used or if one was found at the location. No firearm was located following an extensive search of the house.

No arrest had been made in Sunday's alleged incident because it was still under investigation at the time of yesterday's events, said Chief Shawn Heubusch.

After the four people were taken from the scene, a State Police robot was deployed to search the residence and then the residence was cleared by the Emergency Response Team to ensure no other people were hiding inside.

The Batavia Fire Department also assisted at the scene, and Mercy EMS was on standby.


Steve Hackett
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Anyone recall seeing the movie dumb and dumber?....

Jamie Lindsley
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I am not sure that breaking a woman's wrist and neck would qualify as comedy anymore, Steve....

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