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House being evacuated on Law Street, car floating on Law Street, sewer backed up on Watson

City fire is assisting the occupants of a house on Law Street that is being evacuated because of high flood waters.

They're assessing whether to pull the electrical meter on the house.

The house is surrounded by two feet of water.

While on scene, the commander reports that a vehicle is now on Law Street and seems to be floating in the water.

Meanwhile, on Watson, the sewer supervisor is requested to the scene because there is apparently a sewer back-up.

UPDATE 12:18 a.m.: The residents who requested to be evacuated were. All of the other households on Law were checked by firefighters. Residents either didn't have basements and all of their utility connections were above water, or they had already shut off their utilities. A firefighter confirmed the car in the top photo did float a bit. The driver was cited and a family member picked her up.

Jason Lord
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Joined: Mar 20 2010

People better make sure they threw the ancor on their Vehicle and they have all nessessary safety equipment and pfd's, cause if it ends up in the street they will be cited by Batavia boat patrol

This is like having your house on fire and EPA cites you for air polution
Let's get real people!

Kyle Couchman
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Joined: Dec 25 2009

Depends on the circumstances Jason.... If they ignored road closed signs and drove into the area anyway then they deserve the citation for endangering rescue personnel unneccessarily. I'm sure if they were ignoring signs to get medicine or assistance to relatives in the area then they wouldn't have been cited.

John Roach
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Joined: May 29 2008

I agree with Kyle. There are reports of people moving the closed signs so they could pass. If they did that, and then got stuck, they should be fined and big time for putting others at risk that might have to go rescue them.

Richard Richmond II
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Joined: Mar 29 2011

I agree with Kyle.

There is nothing new about flooding in this area; it’s a given. Road closed signs have a purpose and people have choices. They may choose to exercise common sense or not, however if you choose not, don’t complain and accept the consequences.

I saw the signs coming home from work while traveling North on 98. I turned around and took an alternate way home; Rose Road to the Donahue Road to 33.

If I chose to go through to stall and get stuck; my wet feet; the tickets, and towing cost would be a pleasure compared to the ribbing I receive from my friends at coffee.

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